TempDefend | elo Thermal Scanner

Elevated body temperature scanning integrated hardware/software solution for increased organizational & facility safety

Engineered as a customizable, plug-and-play thermo-sensing digital signage communication and direction tool, elo 22Miles’ TempDefend integrated solution combines advanced camera hardware, facial and body temperature detection software, integrated sensors, and dynamic machine learning algorithms.

Utilizing elo’s I-Series components, 22Miles provides an all-in-one display and software solution that can be quickly and easily installed in facilities of any size and scale. Elo’s accessory and mounting portfolio delivers an easy-to-configure solution for any environment.

EloView® SaaS service (available for Elo Android devices) helps enable seamless remote deployment of TempDefend and device management capabilities.

elo | TempDefend features include:

  • Leveraging sensor technology – the TempDefend system activates automatically when subjects approach, scanning for temperature. Once the temperature is detected, the information triggers a response workflow, which uses the data to grant access, offer instructions, prompt a video call, or send a notification.
  • Automatic data capture – security and compliance options, and analysis of temperature scan data simplify the process of identifying and recording trends or areas of concern.
  • Displays can be accessed in a variety of ways – voice control, QR code scan, and touchscreens – to suit building needs. Support for the 22Miles Publisher Pro software allows for quick display customization, email notifications, and more.
  • Additional features include – built-in support and automatic sharing of the standard Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended screening guidelines for COVID-19, facial mask detection to ensure PPC compliance, automatic “Pass” sticker printing when screening guidelines are met with the printer compatible Elo Wallaby self-service stand option, and virtual receptionist, where users flagged for elevated temperature can initiate a video call with facility administrators for further instruction and applicable protocols.
  • Added functionality options via Elo Edge Connect™ – include badge reader scanning, QR scanning, and payment.
  • Add-on, printer & display options – Both the Elo I-Series 15.6” and 21.5” offer the option for add-on floor or counter stands, with or without printers, to create display options that suit any building space or desired functionality.


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22Miles elo TempDefend™ software

Our solution includes Elo I-Series touchscreen computers, Mounting Solutions, Temperature Sensor Pro, EloView® and 22Miles software.

We deliver plug-and-play, self-service thermal detection capabilities to a wide range of industries and applications, from enterprise and hospitality to education and transportation, and many more.


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