HTML5 Solution - Digital Signage

HTML5 is quickly becoming the go to OS for any digital signage player. 22Miles delivers the total solution with compatibility to any supported player or display SOC manufacturer leveraging the power and simplicity of web-based applications.

22Miles works with market leaders in the space including BrightSign, Chrome, Samsung, LG, Phillips, Sharp and leverages an HTML5 wrap to easily interface across a fast and flexible “agile design”.

HTML5 Signage through 22Miles provides the best device platform for digital signage, web & kiosk use-cases.


Efficient & Cost Effective


(One platform for many use cases)

HTML5 and Mobile HTML5 Include All these Features

  • Weather ( with Custom Icons )
  • Date / Time ( with Custom Formats )
  • News Tickers, RSS Tickers
  • Static Images
  • Dynamic Images ( GIF )
  • Web Page
  • Zone ( Rotating Banners and Slideshows )
  • Animations and Transitions
  • 1080P Videos
  • Video Format: mpeg-4
  • Single Source Event Feed
  • Twitter and Social
  • Exchange / Outlook Support ( ics, Office365 )
  • XML, RSS, CSV Support
  • JSON Feeds
  • Free-style List Widget
  • Event List
  • Directory List
  • Flight Status
  • Timer and Countdown
  • Dynamic QR Code
  • Conference Room Booking
  • Multi-touch Gestures
  • Feedback / Survey
  • Client-editable Google Map
  • Staff Login to Retrieve More Content / Map
  • Directory Search
  • Donor & Alumni List
  • Event Search
  • Flight Search & Check-in
  • Custom Interactive Website
  • Multi-language ( Left-to-Right, Right-to-Left )

Carry2Mobile(TM) empowers the user to experience content on a mobile phone with no app download or installing necessary, just pure HTML/Web interactive app design.