In an affirmation of  22MILES long-standing push to offer seamless integration with complementary technology leaders across the industry, 22MILES Inc. and Mersive Technologies, Inc. forged a technology integration agreement, pairing our offerings to offer greater capabilities to customers. The announcement comes as 22Miles is set to release the latest version of their award-winning solution for the Digital Signage and Wayfinding industry, PublisherPro.AIoT.

As an innovator in digital signage and wayfinding solutions, 22Miles has consistently sought to forge partnerships with other technology leaders that can offer customers more choices and convenience. Mersive Technologies, a leader in collaboration software and solutions for meeting and learning spaces, joined forces with 22Miles to bolster their own partner integration initiatives to ensure that both companies create more opportunities for their customers.

media player, partner, partnership, digital signage, technologiesMersive Solstice is an award-winning meeting collaboration platform that enables any number of users to wirelessly share content from laptops and mobile devices to an in-room display, making meetings and classrooms more collaborative, efficient, and engaging. The system easily integrates with 22Miles’ offering through Solstice Cloud. Solstice Cloud allows any Solstice Pod to play 22Miles signage feeds, extending on-screen playback to Solstice-enabled meeting and learning spaces. With Solstice and 22Miles working in unison, customers get the best of both worlds in one platform: enhanced productivity through wireless collaboration when a room is in use and enhanced corporate communication through digital signage when a room is not in use.

22Miles EVP Tomer G. Mann has been intricately involved in the expansion of 22Miles ongoing technology partnerships initiative. Mann commented, “What we are seeing in our industry, is that customers are wanting systems that are more open, more able to talk to each other and move towards a more collaborative agile work-place model. This means the more we can offer technology that not only integrates but compliments other systems in terms of performance and efficiency, the more satisfaction and advocacy we will see. With our new PublisherPro.AIot release coming up, this is another welcome development in our commitment to offering the absolute best to every user we serve.”

Mersive Chief Revenue Officer Rick Emery oversees the company’s sales and partnership efforts. “Identifying and developing mutually beneficial relationships and driving awareness of these partnerships that tend to help customers achieve results, is a big part of what makes us agile and successful. Providing value and benefits to our users is truly our top priority,” Emery commented as the partnership with 22Miles was cemented.

22Miles is set to continue expanding integration partnerships throughout the remainder of 2020.

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