Maximizing Profits in Digital Signage Projects: The Integrators’ Guide to Success

The steady growth of the digital signage market has laid a sturdy foundation for integrators to capitalize on. With forecasts for this market expecting more than 35% growth through 2027, digital signage’s future is so bright it’s blinding. Much of that revenue will come from integrators successfully turning a profit, which is the central concept behind this report.

Market challenges such as budget, content needs, or complex requirements can derail any project, regardless of scope or caliber. The digital signage market has matured over the past 20 years, notably supplying access to immersive signage experiences for those without specialized training. These troubles are resolvable when the proper hardware and software technologies are selected in the first place.

Our Maximizing Profits in Digital Signage Projects whitepaper leverages insights from 22Miles’ experts and key partners to identify integrator strategies that will optimize customer value and profitability in digital signage projects.

This whitepaper report explores the untapped profit potential hidden beneath the surface of digital signage projects in the following categories:

  1. Challenges in Maximizing Profit on Digital Signage Projects
  2. The Rewards of Success in the Digital Signage Market
  3. Redefining Success: Return on Objective, Not Investment
  4. Project Budgeting: Setting Expectations and Offering Flexibility
  5. Needs Discovery: Center Content in System Design
  6. Execute where you Excel – Outsource Where you Don’t
  7. Make Magic Happen
  8. Importance of Managed Services
  9. Build to Grow

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