The combination of 22Miles and MediaVue hardware is powerful and flawless in every way when it comes to digital signage. This includes higher performance and more seamless user experiences to run 3D wayfinding, building directories, video walls, room signs, information boards, and more.

SureVue Media Players + 22Miles

SureVue media players can be equipped with 22Miles CMS pre-installed to streamline the installation and configuration process for a swift and hassle-free setup. The SureVue media players are a testament to their versatility. They are capable of handling multiple content zones, supporting multiple 4k outputs (including both 4K30hz and 4K60hz options), facilitating IPTV, and running interactive applications.

SureVue Panels + 22Miles

Elevate your interactive digital signage interactions with SureVue room scheduling and visitor management panels, a seamlessly integrated touch panel PC solution. Available in sizes from 10″ to 21″, these SureVue Panels can be equipped with optional Wi-Fi and PoE+ for enhanced convenience. These all-in-one panels are meticulously designed to cater to a variety of applications, from assembly lines to meeting rooms, and are delivered fully equipped for effortless installation with MediaVue OS, Active Network Manager, and 22Miles CMS pre-installed, making setup as simple as the push of a button.

The MediaVue Difference

MediaVue has been a trailblazer in hardware development that is specially tailored for the most demanding operational environments. Their state-of-the-art products are meticulously crafted to guarantee relentless performance, unwavering stability, and a flawless user experience spanning a diverse spectrum of applications. Their products feature an exclusive Active Cooling System renowned for its remarkable endurance with extremely low system failure rates.

MeadiaVue’s advanced rapid configuration process is designed to significantly reduce installation times, ensuring clients get up and running faster than ever. Their commitment to ongoing platform managed services through their Active Network Manager (ANM) solution minimizes onsite troubleshooting and streamlines system maintenance, leaving clients with a hassle-free and efficient experience from start to finish.

All Part of One Platform

The MediaVue and 22Miles partnership aims to provide customers with the best interactive experiences for digital signage, video walls, wayfinding, and the display of amazing content on screens of any size. 22Miles’ flexible configuration settings and powerful administrative tools enable customers to customize their deployments to meet their specific needs.

MediaVue Product Sheets

For more detailed information, including full specifications, download the following product sheets for MediaVue hardware.

SureVue D1 – Media player with two 4K outputs with performance for IPTV, touch, and analytics

SureVue D4 – Media player with four 4K outputs for four screen applications

SureVue D6 – Media player with six 4K outputs for six screen applications

SureVue P10 – Integrated touch panels for a range of applications