Experience Content On-The-Go with Carry2Mobile™

Enable audiences to interact with digital signage content using Carry2Mobile technology that instantly transfers on-screen content to their mobile devices.

Experience content on your mobile phone with no app download necessary with 22Miles Carry2Mobile™ technology. We created Carry2Mobile as a solution that empowers end users to interact with digital sign content from the convenience of their cell phones. Using HTML5, signage experiences seamlessly transition from a digital sign to a mobile device’s web browser. This technology allows audiences to take the signage experience on the go by scanning a QR code. Signage admins can add the QR code to the display’s screen with one click, enabling any content streaming on that display to be carried to the user’s phone as a web-based experience. In addition, the admin can use back-end analytics to inform data-driven content decisions.


22Miles understands that in order to create compelling digital signage, you need fresh and relevant content. That is why we have hundreds of natively supported 3rd party data and software integrations, from weather to entertainment, to keep your audience engaged.  See the full list of data integrations here.