Building on 22Miles award winning content management platform, we listened to your feedback, challenges, and needs…and developed a next generation solution that was designed to provide user simplicity and creativity in an agile workflow environment.


Immersive, agile and straightforward

22Miles PublisherPro.AIoT was completely rethought with an amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things ready-to-connect solutions.

This latest platform engages teams and propels them into a whole new experience, while leveraging all its solid features, from creation, scheduling, publishing and analytics, all in a simple and straightforward platform.

In goes simplicity

Web Editor

Users of any level can dive into their projects and go as deep or as quick and easy as they desire. For projects where novice level users require easy template-based creation for swift project completion, Quick Edit functionality features settings-focused fields, intuitive workflow requiring minimal learning, and straight forward design for on the go editing. For more seasoned users who are familiar with the multi-node design and conceptual intricacy, Pro Edit grants ultimate control and functionality for more complex digital signage projects.

Video Wall Mapping

Control every zone, layer, and area of your video wall display from the powerfully integrated Videowall mapping controls of PublishPro.AIoT. This enhanced video wall scheduling, zoning, and editing functionality empower you with total command over every screen, no matter the complexity of your video wall screen array.

Voice Control

Speech is the new touch…as simple to use voice control capability enables voice interaction with kiosks and other digital signage assets more hygienically and efficiently. With no additional set up required, widget-based drag and drop implementation, and sensor-based triggering technology, the transition to a more “sound and image” (facial detection) based user experience is well underway.

Template & Widgets Creator

PublisherPro.AIoT’s modular, easy-repurpose capability, makes templates serve as your limitless rooms and widgets act as your walls and furniture, empowering users with the building blocks to create, expand, and replicate. The result is a customizable constructive environment that inspires not just thinking outside of the box…but creating both the box AND the world around it.

A legacy of R&D since inception

With a startup mentality, 22Miles continue to invest in R&D to ensure we’re always ahead of the technology curve and remain as innovative as ever.

All features of our previous version are continuously enhanced to ensure our customers engagements generate greater return on investment, and our solutions life cycle is evergreen.

Enhanced Wayfinding

Including Floor Plan designer, GeoJSON for Google/Apple/ArcGIS, and other map platforms. Users will enjoy a more responsive mobile 3D wayfinding and API, paired with a smarter human-readable turn-by-turn algorithm. Voice command control connected to wayfinding allows for improved ADA experience.

Augmented Reality

Version 6 advances our Augmented Reality (AR) solution, allowing breadcrumb super-imposed design through native support of the iOS AR Kit and Android AR Core. Additionally, the new V6 release brings more updates and design features with machine-learning-based image recognition. The intuitive and innovative system of computer vision from your phone’s camera to any landmark, creating a positioning solution without the need for BLE or WIFI RTLS systems.

Seamless Room booking

Through an intuitive new functionality and an ever-expanding spectrum of technology partner integration, this latest release significantly raises the bar on our existing room booking capability. Version 6 features a UX grounded in agile workplace design, creating efficiency and convenience with sensor-driven devices. Building on the award winning 22Miles flexibility, the new management system allows for next gen capability creating a true operational synergy where features such as room booking, wayfinding, AR, hoteling to live directory displays & much more, work in tandem to redefine the immersive navigational landscape of any commercial environment.

Enhanced System Optimization

Real time system triggering allows for a smoother and faster user experience, as content updates occur in an optimized automation environment that minimizes latency.

Enhanced Management App

Manage your digital signage system from the convenience of your mobile device. Receive push notifications that keep you informed on the status of your individual digital signage and inter-connected devices. Completely configurable to your preferences, lifting the veil on problems that arise in the system to instill efficiency and swift resolution to system issues.