The Quick Start Guide to Creating Digital Signage Content: Whitepaper

Digital signage in healthcare facilities is vital, providing benefits such as enhanced patient experience, navigation, and brand loyalty. Understanding the audience’s needs and tailoring content to specific areas within the facility is crucial to maximizing system effectiveness. This whitepaper gives suggestions, such as creating an editorial calendar for timely updates and incorporating various content formats like graphics, videos, and interactive media to engage audiences effectively.

Another recommendation is repurposing content across platforms to ensure consistency while using additional features like news tickers and social media feeds to add value. The paper outlines 13 content types for digital signage, from health-related information and patient stories to seasonal reminders and staff introductions, all aimed at educating, engaging, and fostering connections.

Ultimately, the whitepaper stresses the significance of content in maximizing the impact of digital signage systems within healthcare facilities, highlighting their influence on patients, visitors, staff, and the overall practice.

This whitepaper report explores the landscape of healthcare facility digital signage content in the following categories:

  1. Understanding the audience
  2. Editorial calendars
  3. Content mediums
  4. Repurpose planning
  5. Bonus content
  6. Call-to-action’s
  7. Content types

To continue reading, download The Quick Start Guide to Creating Digital Signage Content for Your Healthcare Facility whitepaper below.