Video Walls in 22 Seconds

Video walls are a great way to immerse and captivate viewers in lobbies, innovation centers, experience centers, venue halls, retail spaces, and more. 22Miles Publisher Pro can easily map video walls of any size and resolution, which can even include interactive touchscreens.

When making a first impression, massive led video walls are remarkable. Visitors can read video walls from such a distance that they are ideal for creating a high-impact visual experience. And video walls can be customized to fit specific resolutions, screen sizes, and aspect ratios. With our CMS, your video walls can operate as various mechanisms, including digital signage, wayfinding, event displays, command and control centers, and interactive installations.

When operating your led video walls, consider software with a user-friendly interface that makes creating, editing, and managing content easy. Look for robust content creation tools, including pick-and-click templates, graphic design tools, and advanced editing capabilities. Additionally, look for content scheduling abilities to display at specific times and distribute content to multiple screens in real time.

led video walls


22Miles understands that in order to create compelling digital signage, you need fresh and relevant content. That is why we have hundreds of natively supported 3rd party data and software integrations, from weather to entertainment, to keep your audience engaged.  See the full list of data integrations here.