When 22Miles powers XPO Screens, it creates diverse digital signage solutions for practically any location. Whatever and wherever you can imagine creating immersive experiences, XPO Screens creates hardware solutions to make digital signage, engaging advertisements, room booking, wayfinding, and more.

XPO INVITE Screens + 22Miles

The INVITE series provides a unique digital signage solution in places and in ways that were previously impossible. INVITE series can have built-in players from BrightSign, which work fabulously with the 22Miles CMS. The XPO INVITE can be custom-designed in sizes, frames, and colors. Additional sensors, a touchscreen, or a mirror make the INVITE screen suitable in many locations. Their modular construction simplifies integrations, maintenance, and flexible media players, which makes different purposes of the screen available, such as interactive 3D wayfinding, building directories, room signs, informational boards, and more.

XPO Elevator Screens + 22Miles

Elevators provide a prime setting to engage audiences with customized content. These compact environments offer an excellent opportunity to efficiently deliver information, entertainment, and advertisements using the powerful 22Miles CMS. XPO elevator screens can use the lift’s current power source while providing flexible connectivity choices, including offline functionality, Wi-Fi, or wired connections.

XPO Smart Mirror Screens + 22Miles

XPO Smart Mirrors are a revolutionary new technology. They allow users to check their appearance while they receive personalized content, such as weather forecasts, traffic data, videos, stock tickers, and other widgets from the 22Miles CMS. When the screen is off, the mirror is just a mirror again. Smart Mirrors are the mirror of the future and the ideal solution for sophisticated AV system designs. They feature all the benefits of on-screen communication while maintaining the style of the space.

XPO Custom Made Screens + 22Miles

Call XPO screens in collaboration with 22Miles if you have a custom need. The screen will be designed for your needs, developed in-house, and functional for your purpose with these two partners. The operation will remain the same: easy to maintain, modular, and with an embedded media player to run 22Miles’ CMS.

XPO + 22Miles Solutions

Interactive 3D Wayfinding

Higher Education

Tenant Solutions

Restroom Signs

Venue Signs

All Part of One Platform

The modern workplace is a mixture of several technology solutions. 22Miles can help put those pieces together. Our platform is fast, secure, hardware agnostic, and can grow right along with you. Flexible configuration settings and powerful administrative tools enable us to tailor our deployments to meet our client’s needs.