Limitless Possibilities for Hardware & Software Integrations

We do the heavy lifting with a versatile platform that makes it easier to take advantage of collaborative technologies…keeping your system dynamic and live.

Hardware Compatbility

Certified, seamless compatibility with screens we trust.

Software Integrations

API integrations to maximize functionality and user experience.

Understanding our Hardware and Software Integrations

22Miles hardware-agnostic solutions seamlessly integrate with your company’s existing hardware and software solutions. Incorporate your organization’s essential information, emergency alerts, news, stats, events, and other data feeds vital into your digital signage content strategy. These feeds will update dynamically on their own, allowing you to perform your day-to-day activities with displays functioning independently in the background.

Let's Collaborate

Do you have product questions? Would you like a Demo? Interested in learning about our partnership opportunities, or need technical support?                      We’re here to help!