Washington D.C Government Agency Upgrades to New Free Standing Digital Signage System to Advance Facility Wayfinding

“Our robots offer travellers who are arriving and departing through Silicon Valley’s airport with an iconic experience reflecting our region’s unique culture of innovation. This is also another example of how we’re partnering with the private sector through our Smart City Vision to demonstrate new technologies that can help shape the way we live, work, play, and travel.”

- Sam Liccardo
San Jose Mayor

The Client

Being Silicon Valley’s Airport, Mineta San Jose International Airport wanted to embrace the tech culture that surrounds the area, and appeal to the “tech aficionados” by implementing new innovative technology into the airport.

The Challenge

Mineta San Jose International Airport was looking for a solution that improved travelers experience while setting their airport apart, so it stands up to Silicon’s Valley reputation for innovation.

“It’s very important for Silicon Valley’s airport to offer services for our travelers that are iconic to our region…we want to create a sense of place,” said Rosemary Barnes, a public information manager at San Jose airport.

The Solution

SJC was serious about its role as a travel hub for Silicon Valley, so “hiring” robots to engage and entertain travellers — and point them to the airport’s dining, shopping and other services — made sense.

Named Norma, Amelia, and Piper, those robots are San Jose Intl’s new customer service agents! From wayfinding directions to selfies these robots are transforming the way Silicon Valley travels. The robots and its software exemplify how 22Miles Digital Signage and wayfinding transform customer’s innovative ideas into a fully functioning reality.

22Miles worked with SJC to develop and launch all three of the robots. The robots, which speak English, French, German Japanese and Spanish, are stationed on custom designed and coded by 22 Miles Geo Mats by Gates 11, 21, and 25.

The Results

Using the built-in touch screens travellers can search find shops, restaurants and gates or take a selfie, which you can either email or put on the robot’s face for a short while. 22Miles even added a “dance” mode to the robots that when selected played music and generated for the robots to dance. All three robots can also dance, play music and take photos that can be sent to a traveller via email or displayed on the screens that serve as the robot’s “faces.”

To improve airport wayfinding 22Miles added a series of 3D pinch and zoom terminal maps that featured turn by turn directions. Using the built-in keyboard users could search for and browse through all the airport’s accommodations.

When a destination on the map is selected a window pop-up is generated that contains a short description of destination, specials, hours of operation and a Map It now button that when touched takes you to the map with directional arrow mapping. Users also have the option to have the directions sent to their mobile device.

Solution Components

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