MILPITAS, CA – August 29, 2017 – (—Sept. 1st, 2017, marks the 10-year anniversary of 22MILES first release of their multi-touch digital to wayfinding software solution. With that milestone comes the culmination of 10 years of significant feature enhancements and new natively-supported ‘game-changing’ modules within Publisher Pro 5.0 (2017).

Now available for all users including trial evaluations, Publisher Pro version 5 boasts several new improvements to highlight, including a fresh designer-friendly Template/Layout User Interface, along with new intuitive modules in Mobile App Builder and MixTile Video Wall Builder.

Along with their existing HTML-based 2D Mobile Wayfinding version, 22MILES now says they have added a DIY Mobile App Builder to their Publisher Pro v5 platform which includes full 3D mapping, “Blue-dot” positioning integration capabilities, O365 Room Booking and many more enterprise-level app capabilities.

“Yes, we are experts at that [wayfinding], but we have a host of other capabilities. The release of our Publisher Pro 5 is a direct reflection of our capabilities,” 22MILES VP of Sales Tom Mann expands in a recent interview with Jason Kushner at DSC. “Users can now design and manage native iOS and Android apps thereby becoming their own app developer in the same interface that they use for digital signage. In other words, there’s no official graphic design background necessary to make full use of this platform and update everything from wayfinding to room booking all from the same place.”

Publisher Pro has always been a CMS built with designers in mind with a free form canvas, drag and drop zones and components/media, WYSIWYG previewer and tons of built-in customization and style properties, however, 22MILES says V5 goes the extra mile making it even simpler for content creators and managers. V5 includes several easy and intuitive tools including a ‘Snap In’ tool for alignments, ‘Navigator View’ which is helpful in high-resolution video wall projects and an enhanced ‘Tree View’ which is helpful to hide/select various components/media, especially useful with multi-zone templates and/or touchscreen layouts which have multiple pages of interactive content.

To expand on their freeform canvas creator abilities, 22MILES includes a MixTile Video Wall Builder in v5, which can design the canvas to show any number of screens in any number of positions, thus creating an ‘Art Wall’ or ‘Mosaic Wall’ as they are sometimes referred to in the industry. 22MILES also states that their ‘MixTile Wall’ solution is superior in a lot of ways stemming from the software doing the heaving lifting in content control and thus being less hardware reliant not needing expensive controllers or proprietary display setups. 22MILES CEO Joey Zhao explains, “We routinely see how we are saving our customers up to 50% in hardware and maintenance cost simply by our software being hardware agnostic and not relying on the expensive standard A/V controls that were commonly required for these types of walls.”




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