22MILES (Booth#1643) will host learning sessions of their interactive, digital signage, and kiosk content software, Swift Publisher, with NEW enhanced next-generation features for cross-platform content development, at HITEC 2014 hospitality technology tradeshow in Los Angeles on June 23-26.
Coming to HITEC 2014 does not have to be the same old and stagnated solution examples, 22MILES Wayfinding at our booth, will host daily demo sessions at 3PM of their superior all-in-one content management tool that handles every fathomable type of hospitality signage under a centrally-adaptable, cross-platform- supported system.
22MILES plans to show that there is a single solution out there that can natively handle all systems including kiosks and displays for smart-editable-wayfinding, entertainment, self-service concierge, communication, promotions, meeting room schedules, ultra-high-res video wall content, guest-room TV channel, and Android tablets/mobile web devices for wayfinding and concierge apps.
22 Miles, Inc., a San Jose, Calif.-based company says when it comes to digital signage, they know the true meaning of the three words: Easy Centralized Management. States 22MILES’ Product Manager, Jeff Tan, “The advantage is we have developed a truly editable premium digital signage product built within a single, all-in-one platform that can scale from corporate to single venue rollouts, and vice versa– No IT is required which means anyone, from corporate communications to a local venue GM or marketing person can update their messaging across a variety of supported operating systems/platforms including Windows, Android, cable/TV and web.”

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