Bluefin + 22Miles

22Miles is proud to partner with Bluefin, a leading manufacturer of digital signage solutions for retail and commercial settings, corporate communications, hospitality, and manufacturing.

This collaboration offers seamless, high-performance solutions for interactive 3D wayfinding, video walls, room signs, and more.

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Why Bluefin?

Bluefin’s extensive range of screen sizes, frames, finishes, form factors, and accessories ensures they can cater to any experience in any environment.

Much like our CMS, Bluefin understands the paramount importance of flexibility, and they excel in offering options to suit every budget, installation parameter, and software platform.

This dynamic synergy between 22Miles and Bluefin results in groundbreaking design flexibility for digital signage, directories, room board applications, and countless other creative possibilities.

Bluefin with BrightSign Built-In + 22Miles

In addition to Bluefin’s extensive line of digital screens, 22Miles fully supports their line of screens with built-in components from BrightSign.

Each Bluefin/Brightsign component combines effortlessly with the 22Miles CMS for easy-to-deploy, low-touch mass deployments.

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Bluefin Powered by Seneca
+ 22Miles

Bluefin all-in-one displays, driven by Seneca, elevate Systems on Chip (SoC) to new heights. Seneca’s setup software empowers integrators to swiftly deploy, configure, and establish digital signage networks, reducing setup time from hours to minutes.

Seneca’s Maestro application efficiently installs the 22Miles CMS on media players and optimizes playback settings without the need for an internet connection, ensuring lightning-fast out-of-the-box experiences.

Custom Installations

Bluefin specializes in screens designed for any installation, with housing options from fully-finished out-of-the-box to slim monitors with extra mounting points for PoP and Kiosk displays.

You can special order ultrawide screens with your choice of height on select LCD panels. They’re available in screens that are 2 feet, 3 feet, or 4 feet wide.

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Screens in Stock

HD Sizes

10.1” Finished BrightSign Built-in Touch PoE 1280×800

13.3” Finished BrightSign Built-in Touch PoE 1920×1080

15.6” Finished BrightSign Built-in Touch PoE 1920×1080

21.5” Finished BrightSign Built-in Touch PoE 1920×1080

27.0” Finished Flex-OS TOuch 1920×1080

32.0” Finished BrightSign Built-in 1920×1080

32.0” Finished BrightSign Built-in Touch 1920×1080

43.0” Finished Flex-OS 3840×2160

43.0” Finished Flex-OS Touch 3840×2160

49.0” Finished Flex-OS 1920×1080

55.0” Finished Flex-OS 3840×2160

55.0” Finished Flex-OS Touch 3840×2160

10.1” Countertop BrightSign Built-in Touch PoE Landscape 1280×800

10.1” Countertop BrightSign Built-in Touch PoE Portrait 1280×800

13.3” Countertop BrightSign Built-in Touch PoE Landscape 1920×1080

15.6” Countertop BrightSign Built-in Touch PoE Landscape 1920×1080

19.5” Countertop BrightSign Built-in Touch PoE Landscape 1920×1080

Ultrawide Sizes

23.1” UW Shelf Daisy Chain 1920×158

34.6” UW Shelf Daisy Chain 1920×132

47.1” UW Shelf Daisy Chain 3840×160

20.9” UW Finished Flex-OS 1920×360

20.9” UW Finished Flex-OS Touch 1920×360

21.9” UW Finished Flex-OS 1920×720

21.9” UW Finished Flex-OS Touch 1920×720

28.0” UW Finished Flex-OS 1920×360

29.0” UW Finished Flex-OS 1920×540

35.4” UW Finished Flex-OS 1920×438

36.6” UW Finished Flex-OS 1920×290

37.0” UW Finished Flex-OS 1920×540

37.0” UW Finished Flex-OS Touch 1920×540

49.1” UW Finished Flex-OS 3480×960

All Part of One Platform

The partnership between Bluefin and 22Miles aspires to offer digital signage solutions that revolutionize experiences in various sectors, including retail, commercial, corporate communications, and hospitality.

22Miles’ adaptable CMS robust configuration settings and powerful administrative tools seamlessly integrate with Bluefin’s wide array of screens and impressive customization options.