Crestron Electronics integrated with 22Miles workplace to provide customers with collaborative enterprise solutions.

Features of Book22 Plus

  • Quick Booking
  • Extend Meeting
  • End Meeting
  • Unlimited Rooms
  • Multi-user management
  • Custom Interface
  • Background Slideshow
  • Book Another Room
  • Check-in/Auto Expiration
  • Company Social Feeds
  • News Ticker
  • LED Status Light Support
  • Sensory Integration
  • Mobile Booking
  • Room Status on Map
  • Book from Map

Reserve Rooms

Reserve rooms with a feature-rich application that provides a personal experience for booking, check-in, schedule lookup, 3D map with highlighted hoteling, tech issue support messaging, plus more. 22Miles is natively supported on the Crestron TSS touch screens outside the room.

AirMedia Receiver

AirMedia Receiver – Automatically display 22Miles digital signage when Airmedia is not used for conference room presentations.

Visual Communication

Visual Communication with space utilization dynamic integration design.


Manage your Crestron TSS panels template and device settings quickly and efficiently through the 22Miles content manager lite web dashboard.

Versatile Applications: Harnessing Digital Signage Across Industries

Native Device Integration
22Miles natively supports Crestron Desk Signage, TSS Room Panel, AirMedia digital signage, Occupancy Sensors, RFID card readers.
Collaborative Mobile App
Incorporate 22Miles mobile solutions for the hybrid workplace to complement any Crestron workspace device for a seamlessly integrated real- time booking and planning experience on the go.
Built for API Integrations
Automations with read/write capabilities from O365, Exchange, G Suite scheduling, including access control systems, QR-Code/RFID check- in, alerts, Teams/WebEx integrations, SSO/AD, IT reporting, and more from the desktop to mobile and integrated with Crestron devices.
Leverage Wayfinding
22Miles best-in-breed 3D Engine with hoteling and hotdesking features to create a visually dynamic routing to any live space booked on Crestron TSS touch, Desk Signage, activated by RFID, or triggered by occupancy sensors.
Custom UI Workflow
22Miles Book22 Plus suite provides custom design features to complement any organization’s branding, widgets, and call to action features to meet department to individual-level needs.
Data-Driven Insights
Space utilization data insight dashboards promote workspace occupancy, employee safety, cleaning ready notifications, and office usability tracking results.