IAdea + 22Miles

IAdea and 22Miles collaborate to offer cutting-edge workplace management solutions, enhancing operational efficiency, space utilization, and employee experiences.

The synergy of IAdea’s panels with the 22Miles platform revolutionizes the way businesses simplify employee-facility interactions.

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IAdea Smart Signboards + 22Miles

IAdea’s professional room booking panels exceed industry standards. They incorporate built-in door lock access controls, efficient cable management, and enterprise-grade security. These panels provide facility managers with physical access control, allowing them to restrict access to designated attendees, ensuring both personnel safety and data security.

The IAdea Smart Signboards in combination with the 22Miles CMS create a streamlined room booking solution that seamlessly integrates with existing systems like Microsoft Office 365 or Google calendars.

In addition, they can be integrated with emergency security alert systems. In the event of an emergency, they can automatically display real-time safety information, including directions to the nearest safe zone or emergency exit, enhancing workplace safety and preparedness.

Moreover, through the 22Miles platform, administrative staff can gain insights into space usage, meeting attendance, and scheduling trends facilitating the development of new operational efficiency initiatives.

IAdea Workspace E-paper Panels + 22Miles

Modern workplaces demand flexibility, openness, and automation. IAdea’s e-paper desk panels align with these trends, enabling hassle-free desk reservations through the 22Miles CMS or by scanning an on-screen QR code via a mobile app.

Checking in and out of a desk is as simple as pressing a button. These workspace panels boast high-clarity tricolor displays with anti-glare technology, ensuring readability under various lighting conditions without power dependency.

They are easily mountable on desktops, desk sides, or partitions, and they incorporate anti-theft features, which makes them a staple for contemporary, efficient space management.

IAdea All-In-One Displays
+ 22Miles

IAdea’s All-In-One Displays offer easy deployment, style, and versatility, making them an ideal solution for diverse settings and industries.

They are non-touch screens that cater to retailers, shop owners, corporate entities, and higher education campuses, facilitating real-time dissemination of crucial information.

Thanks to 22Miles CMS, content management becomes a breeze with remote capabilities, enabling quick playlist creation and content updates from anywhere, at any time.

All Part of One Platform

The partnership between IAdea and 22Miles is dedicated to delivering digital signage solutions that revolutionize contemporary workplaces, creating immersive and efficient environments for administrators, employees, and visitors.

Leveraging 22Miles’ adaptable configuration options and robust administrative capabilities, customers can tailor their deployments to eliminate inefficiencies, enhance employee engagement, increase productivity, and achieve much more.