Visual Communications Solutions with Intel

Powered by Intel, 22Miles Visual Communications Software solution empowers users of any level with a solution engineered for user simplicity paired with robust options.

Empower your organization with a CMS that inspires limitless creativity to leverage your organizational goals in the agile workspace environment.

Create a Better Customer & Visitor Experience

Designed to inform, and powered by the Intel NUC, 22MILES’ interactive Visual Communications software platform brings simplicity to top-level technology, providing an award-winning CMS that gives you the tools needed to create immersive experiences for end-users.

Visual Communications has been proven to increase engagement by providing vital information to users, increase revenue by streamlining marketing promotions, and grant organizations a visually stimulating channel to communicate without boundaries to their customers and visitors.

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Elite Performance

The latest 11th generation intel
core processors featuring Intel
Iris Xe graphics give you the
power for any task – work or

Smaller is Better

Sleek, attractive, and designed
to fit in a variety of commercial
usage, the compact form factor
is versatile and powerful.

Unmatched Connectivity

Connect fast – wired and
wirelessly – with Thunderbolt
ports, Intel Wi-fi 6 AX201,
Ethernet speeds up to 2.5 Gbps,
and support up to four 4k

Trusted Reliability

Qualified for 24×7 operation and
backed by a three-year warranty,
the Intel NUC 11 Pro is designed
to keep business running for

Visual Communications Platform Components

Powered by 22MILES PublisherPro.AioT software, Protection-as-a-Service (PaaS) offers flexible and expandable U.S based proprietary plug-and-play solutions spanning key technologies ranging from thermal scanning and touchless screens, to interactive wayfinding and secure mobile control… PaaS provides greater safety, control, and assurance for staff, visitors, and organizations.

Our Award-Winning interactive 3D wayfinding solution. Smart pathway algorithm with unique re-routing, pathway scheduling, and ADA compliance for all digital device navigational control.Our Award-Winning interactive 3D wayfinding solution. Smart pathway algorithm with unique re-routing, pathway scheduling, and ADA compliance for all digital device navigational control.

Remote-control any digital device using any OS with a QR code scan (network required) on a mobile device. Operate from the web browser, with no application to download or install. SMC easily enables remote interaction through a secure mouse pad and on-screen keyboard. Coupled with Touchless Touch, SMC eliminates the hygiene risks associated with touching and physically interacting with screens.

CDC or health-related survey questionnaire – Voice, Gesture, or Mobile App Options available for a pre-visiting user experience to provide additional check-in controls as part of the prescreening TempDefend™ tool with access controls.

22Miles client customizable mobile application can provide a collaborative corporate experience for room booking, directory search, desk availability, sanitized space, shared notifications, wayfinding for controlled social distancing, and density optimizations on the go.

For corporate management & connectivity, facilitate business as usual with reinvention instead of disruption. A series of features ranging from hotdesking & hoteling to dynamically highlight available seats, amenities, cleaned rooms and workspaces, and occupancy controls.

Connect your Cisco Jabber, VoIP, Skype for Business and others into an interactive experience for any corporate or retail applications.

Empower at home organizational infotainment with a desktop solution that can keep remote-working staff aware of all company/HR announcements, new practices, news, and other live information in real-time. Desktop digital notification automatically enables content distribution through a widget or screen-saver type design tool per department or “office gossip group.”

Connect your facility or campus messaging with an intuitive digital signage system. Highlight new COVID alerts and best practices, updated news, social media, emergency notifications, live hoteling directory information with walking pointers, and dynamic information through the workspace.

TempDefendTM thermo-sensing technology leverages a combination of camera technology, facial and body temperature detection software, integrated sensors, and dynamic machine learning algorithms to aid in the prevention of viral spread.

Create a fully interactive, touch-free user experience using 22Miles’ voice activation/recognition & gesture Control capabilities. A component of the digital signage solution can be integrated into any kiosk or signage application to provide touch-free accessibility and wayfinding – an increasingly important new communication tool in a post-pandemic world.

Digital Lobby Signs, Reader Boards, & Video Walls


22Miles partners with Intel and the best technology leaders in the industry, synergizing the best hardware options with our Digital Signage Software to empower your organization with a unique package best suited for your needs.

  • Create the ultimate guest experience with a 24/7 interactive informational/concierge display

  • Provide your guests with up-to-the-minute weather, news, stocks, flight information, and other guests’ daily interests with an intuitively organized application

  • With our built-in Google Map- point of interest touch locater, deliver an interactive directory of entertainment, restaurants, and other local attractions that is easy to access and update

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Easy Visual Communications Software


Engineered for quick & easy projects or more complex facilities, 22MILES CMS for Visual Communications allows you to manage singular or multiple screens and even edit different zones within the same screen. 22Miles gives the user full editing control. No need for additional update development costs after the initial design of your interactive display.

  • Drag-and-Drop unlimited interactive Landing page designs: slides, layers, buttons, login panels (check-in & data input), and other custom UI/UX components

  • Web Editor with “Quick Edit” and “Pro Edit” modes let you manage your projects, your way

  • Built-In Smart Search Keyboard for quick and easy directory searching and interactions

  • Easily add short descriptions, images, and contact information of each listing

  • Feature Local Points of Interest Map with Local Business Listed button

  • Touchscreen Screen Saver with Built-In Welcome Messages

  • Create a touch-free user experience with Voice Activation/Recognition & Control

  • Interactive Media Gallery (images and videos)

  • Multi-Language Support. Built-in unlimited automatic language translator

  • ADA Compliant. Content auto-adjusts to meet ADA and Wheelchair Viewing Requirements

  • Seamless External content integrations; Flight Status, check-ins, ticketing/purchasing, transit systems, stock, news, weather and fully functioning webpage controls

  • Natively design and communicate valuable touchpoints for customer participation in your organization’s enrollment programs, surveys, and potentially product up-sells

  • Increase the interactive kiosk experience with a total wayfinding solution