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From cultural backdrops, to animals roaming, to strolling down beautiful flora; museums, zoos and parks provide such a visually stimulating experience. The 22 Miles platform seamlessly provides an extra level of multimedia communications needed to inform, educate, and interact with the property’s’ diverse showcase. Use digital displays for gallery slideshows, or historical fun facts. Include an interactive screen to further enhance the experience for kids about animal exhibits with engaging animations. Add a 3D overview with wayfinding to the park grounds to locate the row boats, or large meadows. There is no limit to the applications that the 22 Miles solution can provide for an increased visitor satisfaction.

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  • Entice the thousands of visitors that walk by daily by creatively showcasing advertising campaigns or new exhibits through videos, animations and slideshows.
  • Provide compelling visuals through video walls and interactive kiosks that give easy access to gallery details, wayfinding, pricing, and memberships which stimulates action and support ROI to a targeted audience.
  • Never have to worry about outdated promotions, always be able in real-time to dynamically change the content and provide a fresh look to any environment.

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