AI Wayfinding Conversations

Our team just hit a groundbreaking milestone in wayfinding. Say hello to conversational AI, the game-changer! Thanks to the power of ChatGPT, our InfoComm tradeshow app was the first of its kind. This innovation completely transformed how users interact with wayfinding, ushering in a new era of interaction through natural conversation. With AI at their disposal, users can obtain real-time information about facilities and navigate to their desired destinations, all hands-free. Just like speaking with a human receptionist, users can ask questions aloud, in conversational speech, and receive accurate and relevant responses from the AI chatbot.

The synergy between advancements in AI technology and our industry-leading interactive 3D wayfinding has been an incredible leap forward. Clicking, touching, searching, and worrying about typos are now things of the past. The AI conversation engine boasts an impressive ability to comprehend user queries, even accommodating different languages. Users can confidently seek navigation guidance in the language they are most comfortable with, whether it’s English, Chinese, Spanish, or German. Klingon might be a stretch, but the idea of fictional language support illustrates the revolutionary capabilities of this technology.

This achievement was first shown at this year’s InfoComm in Orlando and current 22Miles customers can now upgrade their experience by integrating GPT-powered chatbot technology today. We consider this a significant step in simplifying and enhancing the user experience, and we intend to continue. The emergence of AI tools has opened up exciting possibilities for our CMS, and we are eager to incorporate more of these capabilities into our platform later this year.

As our team continues to push boundaries, we are confident that users will be amazed at the ever-expanding possibilities with 22Miles. The combination of cutting-edge technology and intuitive interfaces is set to redefine the wayfinding experience, setting new standards for convenience, efficiency, and accessibility.

*already an award-winning application

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