Campus Engagement in 22 Seconds

In 22 seconds, see how 22Miles dynamic CMS supports creating and managing campus signage content experiences for connectivity, safety, and helpful information.

Easily create cohesive university campus signage content experiences that keep faculty, staff, students, and visitors connected, safe, and informed. 22Miles streamlines content creation and management workflows for campus-wide digital ecosystems. 

Our content management system (CMS) uses a flexible, forward-thinking design that integrates digital campus signage, interactive 3D wayfinding, room scheduling, athletics video walls, native or HTML mobile apps, alums recognition walls, and contact-free interactions. This adaptability helps users create unique campus experiences that combine wayfinding, learning environments, interactive applications, directories, and visually impactful informative content for education facilities.

  • Prioritize Safety – integrate real-time notifications for campus signage and mobile screens with emergency alert software.
  • Engage Faculty and Staff – communicate with faculty and staff about campus events, policies, safety procedures, and more.
  • Make it Mobile – 22Miles’ Carry2Mobile™ capability empowers users to experience content on their mobile phone with no app download necessary.
  • Promote Flexibility and Productivity – Video walls, kiosks, and mobile integrations display visual messaging on campus policies, values, events, news, and even social media feeds for seamless campus information at all times.
  • Boost University Pride – highlight prestigious academic awards, sports team victories, and alum achievements throughout the school year.
  • Highlight Donors, Students, Faculty, or Alumni – donor walls provide the perfect platform to show thanks to institution supporters.
  • Provide Virtual Tours – provide an informative and enjoyable experience for visitors with virtual tours accessible via campus signage. 

campus signage


22Miles understands that in order to create compelling digital signage, you need fresh and relevant content. That is why we have hundreds of natively supported 3rd party data and software integrations, from weather to entertainment, to keep your audience engaged.  See the full list of data integrations here.