Gold Coast University Hospital in Queensland, Australia Uses 22Miles to Dramatically Improve Patient Experiences Using Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks

“A large number of people were using the wayfinding kiosk – everyone, including the elderly.”

– Rod Allerton
Command Australia

The Client

GCUH is the third-largest hospital in Queensland, Australia, with 8,000 rooms, 250  departments and 59 floors in 8 buildings. The overall campus encompasses 1.83 million square feet of floor space.

The Challenge

Due to a 50 million dollar renovation and expansion project GCUH was in need of a comprehensive wayfinding signage system that was easy to manage, real-time, and multi-lingual.

Every day, specific rooms or even entire departments could frequently be moved around, expanded, or shrunk. Internal staff would need to find non-public rooms; in-patient areas would be closed after visiting hours, and some departments would not open on weekends.

The Solution

22Miles Digital Signage and Wayfinding software and touch screen kiosks satisfied 100% of GCUH needs. The built-in map editor that is included with 22Miles Publisher Pro 4.0 handled all floor-plan updates for both the wayfinding kiosks and mobile, public pathway re-routing and route scheduling. 

That feature alone was a significant benefit for GCHU due to their ongoing building renovations. Also, since GCUH is a leading research university hospital, private floors were included in the wayfinding and a login-panel staff control for research only floors was developed.

The content editor (also included with 22Miles Publisher Pro 4.0 Digital Signage Software) provided all content/interface updates in five major languages (English, Serbian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese). The system also integrated to the outlook exchange system which automatically connected any live events to the floor maps. 

The free-form designer-controlled layout canvas enabled for GCHU to easily and quickly make on the fly updates to kiosk UI.

The Results

Despite a three-month project delay, the digital signage wayfinding system still launched its kiosk testing two months ahead of the grand opening. After a half-day of training, Command Australia, a partner of 22Miles referenced their team mastered the user-friendly Publisher Pro 4.0 and proficiently published several rounds of mapping changes, language translations, and template designs during the two-week installation.

The self-service wayfinding digital signage kiosks helped to reduce the stress and confusion of patients and visitors, who could navigate at their own pace. GCUH successfully stayed under the budget and even added a new mobile-web app wayfinding feature for smartphone users.

Solution Components

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