Austria's Largest Mall Shopping City Uses 22Miles Digital Signage to Improve Facility Wayfinding for Their 14 Floor, 900,000+ Square Foot Mall

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The Client

Shopping City encompasses four connected building wings on a total of 14 floors. Its more than 200 stores span nearly a million square feet of space and attract more than 35,000 daily visitors.

The management team wanted a state-of-the-art solution to replace their expensive-to-maintain, antiquated analog signage system.

The Challenge

The solution required a centralized, content-management system and an advertising platform that would generate ROI from external advertising agencies. Additionally, all content needed to be presented in both German and English to provide orientation, shopping information and promotions.

NFC integration on kiosks was required to maximize their existing, customer-relation system: Shoppers are encouraged to swipe the NFC tag, check their earned reward points, receive individual promotion recommendations and start a round of shopping.

The new system needed to increase this engagement and maximize the application with a strong, statistically analyzed return. Handicap-preferred routes throughout the center required the touchscreen interface to be wheelchair friendly and accessible. All content needed to be handled internally, including the ability to edit floor maps for future structural modifications.

The Solution

Due to the extensive capabilities of 22Miles Digital Signage and Wayfinding software Shopping City selected 22Miles for their mall wayfinding system. 

The hardware featured 18 touchscreen wayfinding kiosks units (70 and 80 inches wide), which were installed in less than two months. The solution surpassed both the time-frame and budgetary requirements.

With full, in-house editing and advanced scheduling capabilities, the retailer can automatically recalculate the route after each store update. The included free monitoring and screen-protection components saved significant effort during final deployment.

The Results

Shopping City is now able to successfully provide over 35,000+ daily visitors with accurate wayfinding directions to stores, shopping information, promotions and advertisements.

Using the built-in statistics module, the client can prove and highlight kiosk usage to advertising agencies. Moreover, the advanced AD scheduling allows them to handle promotional opportunities easily.

According to estimates, advertising increased by approximately 30% in less than two months. Inquiries at the Information Desk greatly diminished, while customers swiping of their NFC tags have significantly increased. 

Shoppers find the NFC tags useful because once swiped they immediately learn how to redeem their points towards their next purchase.

Solution Components

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