Located in Orlando, the tourist epicenter of Florida, Orange County Convention Center hosts hundreds of thousands of guests annually. As one of the largest convention centers in the nation, the sprawling seven million-square-foot campus offers guests, exhibitors, events planners, and organizations a state-of-the-art facility that can cater to functions of any size and type.

For facilities like OCCC, technology plays a pivotal role in handling the requirements of large-scale national conferences, sporting events, and special functions, as well as providing visitors and attendees of these events with the tools necessary to navigate such a massive facility. OCCC’s board of directors tasked their IT department with identifying the right solutions to address the facility’s biggest challenges, which included:

  • Guests needed a quick and efficient way to find their events and shows quickly due to the massive size of the facility.
  • OCCC’s IT department needed back-end analytics on how guests and visitors were navigating the facility, and what was needed to improve the experience
  • Safety and hygienic concerns during COVID-19 with touching screens and other high traffic areas and devices
  • Alleviating the inefficient process of manually updating nearly 100 individual screens and menu boards.
  • Empowering users to interact with the facility and it’s events through their own mobile device



“We have two types of wayfinding kiosks that have already proven their worth. On a low day for events one month they had 15000 touches, the highest day had over 22000 touches for a 2 day event show.”

-Michael Distler – OCCC Information Technology Manager

22Miles 3D Interactive Wayfinding was installed on a series of kiosks of vertical and landscape kiosks, alongside nearly one hundred digital menu display boards, and 60 + columnar mounted screens strategically positioned throughout the facility. Powered by the 22MILES content management system, Publisher Pro,  Orange County Convention Center’s IT staff and other employees can easily customize and push content to all of the screens as needed. The ADA compliant wayfinding provides a virtual 3D mapping experience with turn-by-turn directions to any destination or event in the facility. The system also grants access to backend data analytics to inform OCCC’s IT dept on screen touches, wayfinding destinations and usage, and other helpful user information.

With two types of wayfinding kiosks, (portrait and landscape orientation) as well as a mobile app that features the ability for users to scan a QR code and enable the wayfinding experience on their cell phone, visitors entering the facility can easily get turn by turn directions to whatever events they are attending.

The systems also features Ungerboeck integration for their events feed to automate information on all shows and events in real-time to all displays, wayfinding kiosks, and the facility’s custom mobile app

Wayfinding Kiosks


Orange County Convention Center worked with 22Miles to implement a customized mobile app. The app can be downloaded from the app stores, and the OCCC campus, and invites users to an interactive experience in the palm of their hand on their mobile device of choice.

Visitors can access the app to get instant:

  • Information on events and entertainment at the convention center
  • Turn by turn wayfinding directions to any on-site location via 3D interactive maps
  • Venue and dining facility locations and information
  • Schedules and other info

Wayfinding mobile app



Known for unparalleled ease of use for both CMS novices and experts, 22Miles PublisherPro digital signage content management system sits at the heart of Orange County Convention Center’s information technology infrastructure. Though one centralized system their IT team can literally push any variety of content to any number of screens quickly and efficiently, as well as access backend data analytics to inform them of where new digital screens are needed, and ways to improve the user experience.

Publisher Pro features robust libraries of images and templates, simple to use drag and drop functionality, and a simple to learn interface, backed by outstanding customer support

22Miles CMS


Digital Signage for Convention Centers Benefits

Initially, when seeking a solution to help guests navigate the convention center, OCCC’s advisory board knew it was critical to identify a technology solution that could both help guests while simultaneously empowering staff to easily update and communicate information on a large-scale facility-wide basis. They were in need of a robust and simple to update digital signage system with hundreds of well positioned screens that could require differing information at any time.

“For wayfinding the kiosks became a critical component for people finding their way around the building. The complaint that came up the most was finding people trying to find directions to their event, which building is it, and how do I get there.”The menu screens process greatly improved as well, as in the past we had food service vendors basically running around from food court to food court with a flash drive to manually update signs. Now they use the 22Miles software, which we started with as a solution for directional wayfinding on over 70 displays on columns initially, then added a mobile app, then a kiosk app. Now with 20 interactive wayfinding kiosks in portrait and landscape orientation, 66 column digital signs, and Over 94 menu display signs, The kiosks have proven their worth for both clients and attendees.”

-Michael Distler – OCCC Information Technology Manager

While the facility currently has:

  • 20 kiosks strategically placed throughout the facility.
  • Custom mobile app
  • 66 column digital signs & more than 94 menu displays
  • Easy updating with 22Miles Publisher Pro CMS

OCCC’s IT director wants to see more screens and kiosks in the future.

“Currently the IT team keeps track of number of touches and clicks, providing management reports so they can see what’s being used, and to inform where to place the kiosks and displays. Kiosks are for more informational, while the column signs are used to intersperse advertisements. For consumer events like car shows, basketball tournaments, etc, the kiosks became a go-to product during these events, because a show organizer doesn’t want to spend more money on printed materials and static signs.”

To learn more about 22Miles digital signage & wayfinding for convention centers and sports arenas, or talk to us about a custom quote, connect with us to request information.