Crestron + 22Miles Digital Workplace Integrations

Crestron technologies integrate with 22Miles to create collaborative workplace solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

22Miles and Crestron electronics workplace and digital integrations provide customers with collaborative enterprise solutions. This powerful combination of technologies supports agile work environments with hotdesking and hotelling. 22Miles natively supports Crestron TSS room panels, AirMedia digital signage, occupancy sensors, and RFID card readers. This can extend to include 22Miles’ mobile solutions to complement any Crestron device with seamless real-time booking and planning experiences on the go. The automation has read/write capabilities for scheduling with O365, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Suite. It can include access control systems, QR-Code/RFID check-in, alerts, Microsoft Teams or Cisco WebEx integrations, SSO/AD, IT reporting, and more.


22Miles understands that in order to create compelling digital signage, you need fresh and relevant content. That is why we have hundreds of natively supported 3rd party data and software integrations, from weather to entertainment, to keep your audience engaged.  See the full list of data integrations here.