Design a Five-Star Guest Experience

The hospitality industry is slowly recovering from the pandemic. Its rebound presents opportunities for hospitality brands to increase their market share. Unfortunately, as hotel booking levels return to where they were before COVID, guest expectations are higher than ever.

This shift puts a lot of strain on hoteliers. Creating a compelling guest experience is now a basic need just to remain competitive. Decision-makers must reinvest in their teams and systems to develop impactful first impressions, streamline logistics and touchpoints, and personalize guest experiences.

Our Design a Five-Star Guest Experience whitepaper leverages insights from 22Miles’ experts and key partners to identify strategies that optimize guest experiences as the demand for travel and lodging returns to its pre-pandemic levels.

This whitepaper report explores how creating a compelling guest experience is essential for the hospitality industry in the following categories:

  1. Today’s Connected Guests Crave Service on Demand
  2. Keep Guests Informed with Ease
  3. Make an Impression that Sticks
  4. Delight with Interactive Wayfinding & Virtual Concierge
  5. Support the Guest Experience with Back-of-House Upgrades
  6. Keeping Content Fresh
  7. Take Action

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