A Complete Content Management System Implementation with Resort Signage and Interactive Wayfinding

A unique international casino attraction in need of an infusion of technology and visual stimulation partners with an industry-leading resort signage company ready to partner in providing an exciting and engaging experience for millions of customers is a perfect match.

resort signage

Okada Manila Casino Indoor Beach Club Dome – The Cove

Located at Entertainment City in the heart of Manila overlooking Manila Bay, Okada Casino Manila is the newest and largest integrated resort in the Philippines. Since 2016, the casino has featured a massive gaming floor, an indoor beach & nightclub, the largest multi-color dancing fountain in the region, and over 900 hotel groups operating on its 108 acres of picturesque oceanfront. Okada’s management was looking for a world-class Content Management System, that was feature-rich but yet flexible and easy to use.

resort signage

Okada Manila Casino Entrance Lobby

To support more than 633 screens in their facilities and deliver on their “Stay, play, dine, relax” experiences via resort signage quickly and seamlessly. 22Miles offered the casino resort a dynamic digital transformation that would allow them to better manage, control, and disseminate information, navigation, and media.

With guest engagement for patrons and ease of use for the staff top of mind, the 22Miles solution included numerous video walls, technology systems featuring various integrations, interactive wayfinding, and a user-friendly system that allowed staff to easily create, edit, and delete content.

Okada’s team was extremely satisfied with the ease of use and flexibility of the 22Miles solution, comparing the simplicity of the system, to using PowerPoint, “Meaning its as easy as that.”

“The system is actually very user-friendly, easy to learn and use, even if you don’t have any background in digital signage solutions and it can easily work with other systems.”
Diana Vallada, Senior Marketing Services Mgr, Okada Manila, Philippines

Okada Casino Manila


Okada’s diverse stream of international guests keep the resort’s visual and technological evolution fluid and evolving.

Since the initial installation, 22Miles has continued to move forward, bringing even more advancements and dynamic solutions to the legendary casino’s grounds. The partnership promises to solidify Okada as one of the premier casino attractions in the world.

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