In the post-pandemic world, it’s all about a return to normal, a return to the everyday comfort of our lives, and just getting back to “the experience”.

Our world is built around the experience, whether you’re going to work, shopping with friends, going to see your favorite sports team compete to win it all, or attending a concert, the experience starts with your eyes and ears.

Powered by intel NUC i5 to i7 mini computers, 22Miles content management system Publisher Pro.AIot, builds the journey whenever and where ever you need it, with a Visual Communications platform that creates that enhanced communication “experience”,  delivering immersive content through interactive technology and high-resolution displays.

Video 1. The Experience with Intel® NUC and 22Miles Visual Communications.

Immersive Complementary Solutions
These complementary solutions provide a simplified process for facility admins and users, where content can be delivered and consumed through touchscreen devices, contact-free displays, video walls, virtual concierge systems, interactive microphones with voice recognition commands, QR codes, AR mixed-media, and computer vision integrations. With the 22Miles and Intel customized visual communications experience, Users can interact with content and devices where data is captured at the edge and routed back for data insight analysis and synthesis with future content publication strategies or live-time content relays.

“As a market-ready solutions partner of Intel, we have really seen a significant improvement in AI and IoT applications, our edge connect applications, where we can leverage any of the Intel NUC, Intel® RealSense™ or any of the other offerings from Intel®, and we are always excited for the future, we see endless capabilities, partnering and leveraging and being powered by Intel devices” 

Tomer Mann – EVP & Senior VP, Sales & Operations

World-Class Implementations
Our content management system solutions have created a customized visual communications experience in a range of facilities across different markets and industries including:

Moynihan Train Hall at Penn Station in NYC

train hall, content management system

Galleria Al Maryah Mall in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, content management system

Okada Casino Manila

Okada casino, japan, content management system

And a range of facilities from sports arenas, universities, and healthcare facilities, to offices, agile workspaces & retail shopping centers.

Intel Partnership
With the full partnership of Intel and its CPU and edge computing technology, 22Miles is able to provide visual communications solutions to reduce risk, bring seamless connectivity for building staff, visitors, and management with dynamic and immersive content, spanning markets from Airports & Transportation, to Corporate, Convention Centers & Venues, Universities & Colleges, Government Agencies, Hospitals & Healthcare, Hotels & Resorts, and Museums & Parks.

22Miles Inc. an Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance Affiliate, has been a leader in Digital Signage & Wayfinding for nearly two decades.
From the beginning, Intel®has played a pivotal role, with the two companies working together to lead the industry in the development of a unique technological ecosystem, a system featuring the advanced processing power of Intel®solutions, combined with 22Miles’ Digital Signage and Wayfinding content management system engine.
22Miles award-winning software helps customers seamlessly develop and deploy unique projects, serving the Banking, Government, Corporate, Education, Gaming, Healthcare, Hospitality, Quick Service Restaurants, Smart Retail, Transportation, Venue space, and other markets.

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