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The post-pandemic world has taught us a lot about workplace safety and agility; Visual Communications were and still are a key differentiator to provide users and consumers with real-time information and quickly disseminate content and data when needed, and in the format it is needed in.

The current pandemic has made it critical to inform where people should be going, gathering or clustering as a public health matter, and the implementation of Visual Communications solutions plays a role far beyond simply putting a display showing static information, instead, it is serving dynamic content and allowing safe and hygienic interaction, and will definitely play a major role in the reopening process.

Whether used in Airports, Corporate organizations, Colleges, Hospitality, Healthcare, or other markets, Visual Communications provide trackable engagement to owners and administrators, while safely and consistently guiding and informing users. These advantages increase the likelihood of higher visitor interactions and the safe return to the workplace.

Video 1. Intel® NUC and 22Miles Visual Communications.

Curated Content
For the visitor, consumer, or staff, reopenings are in the near future, with some normalcy level trickling back. With that in mind, post-pandemic, day to day communication will be vital for safety and a shift in workplace interactions. This will include information such as:

  • Covid related datavisual communication, employee communication, digital signage
  • Safety procedures and protocols
  • Reminders to wear masks, wash hands & social distance
  • HR announcements
  • Company performance data
  • Advertising and promotional content
  • Weather and World News
  • Navigational routes and directories
  • Social Media and interactive triggers

Immersive user experience
Facilities of all shapes and sizes will be focused on enhancing the user experience with contact-less Visual Communications, serving real-time infotainment.

communications, kiosk, qr code, voice controlWith the Gold partnership with Intel and its CPU and edge computing technology, 22Miles is able to provide visual communication solutions to reduce risk, bring seamless connectivity, for building staff, visitors and management with dynamic and immersive content spanning markets from airports and transportation to corporate convention centers and venues, universities and colleges, government agencies, hospitals and health care, hotels and resorts, and museums and parks.

Any journey will always begin at the building entrance where automated thermal scanning displays, check-in questionnaires, access control systems, will create a new layer of protection for all users, these technologies reduce face-to-face physical safety concerns while still leading the human interaction to a voice and RealSense activated virtual receptionist system.

The true value comes from the visual and virtual experience that directs, navigates, and grants access or informs of next options before entering the building, creating the best digital protection for a safer, smarter, future. Features can be edited and future enhanced to stay innovative and current, so no organization is stuck with the product that doesn’t grow with the needs and the times.

The capabilities don’t have to stop there, the check-in process can be mobile app-based with a QR code that Intel RealSense can scan to trigger access. Other options, leveraging edge connect devices for access control can be integrated, badge, readers and scanners, powering doors and connecting seamlessly and contactless.


Features can be edited and future enhanced to stay innovative and current, so no organization is stuck with a product that doesn’t grow with the needs and times. With all its features and benefits, and live feedback and utilization data received through the analytics engine, it is fundamental that organizations adopt wayfinding as a means to fast track their digital transformation for a safer return to the office.

Virtual Receptionist when you need it most
Integrating a Virtual Receptionist part of your Visual Communications strategy, supports your business 24/7, allowing you to avoid missed opportunities and focus on what truly matters: your customers, by being immediately available to answer their questions and guide them as required.
Another notable benefit of using the Virtual Receptionist during the pandemic is that you and your staff can better manage your time and availability, as well as working on-site or remote.

Some of the Virtual Receptionist benefits include:

  • Handle inquiries from customers and prospects interacting with your Visual Communications
  • Answer frequently asked questions, be it business, safety or security-related
  • Respond to kiosk visitors through a live chat window
  • Help users schedule appointments if needed
  • Collect caller/user information for follow-up
  • Make outbound calls

Additional Virtual Receptionist features:

features, infographic, Intel Partnership
With the full partnership of Intel and its CPU and edge computing technology, 22Miles is able to provide visual Communications solutions to reduce risk, bring seamless connectivity for building staff, visitors, and management with dynamic and immersive content, spanning markets from Airports & Transportation, to Corporate, Convention Centers & Venues, Universities & Colleges, Government Agencies, Hospitals & Healthcare, Hotels & Resorts, and Museums & Parks.

22Miles Inc. an Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance Affiliate, has been a leader in Digital Signage & Wayfinding for nearly two decades.
From the beginning, Intel®has played a pivotal role, with the two companies working together to lead the industry in the development of a unique technological ecosystem, a system featuring the advanced processing power of Intel®solutions, combined with 22Miles’ Digital Signage and Wayfinding CMS engine.
22Miles award-winning software helps customers seamlessly develop and deploy unique projects, serving the Banking, Government, Corporate, Education, Gaming, Healthcare, Hospitality, Quick Service Restaurants, Smart Retail, Transportation, Venue space, and other markets.

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