Digital Signage & Wayfinding for Convention Centers and Venues

We designed our digital signage solutions to equip you with the technology needed to attract more conferences, tradeshows, and events. With digital signage, conference & event hosts can keep attendees up to date by displaying real-time event information, provide turn-by-turn wayfinding, display city and facility information on large video walls and LED boards, and promote on-campus restaurants & amenities.

Venue & Show Wayfinding Solution

Interactive wayfinding provides your attendees with an engaging experience compared to traditional signs. Where traditional signs are static, 22Miles wayfinding solution serves dynamic content to provide your attendees the information they need to get to their destination.

Although the goal is to relay accurate directions, 22Miles solution provides a much more dynamic user-friendly application:

  • Provide users with the quickest and most efficient pathways to their destination.
  • Ability to update maps with new pathways as needed. Can create detours around construction or event flows, manage rooms, create a new building pathway, and more.
  • Promote events, live updates, deals, show information, and amenities.
  • Seamlessly integrate with event management systems and other database directories.



or One-way Routes

Digital Event Directories & Meeting Room Signs

Provide conference guests with accurate event information. All attendees can see a conference room’s entire schedule with a digital directory or room signs. Need to make last minute changes? No problem. Our software allows you to make dynamic changes to multiple screens through one centralized location.

Your meeting & conference room signs can integrate with the following:

  • RFID Systems
  • EMS
  • Sales Pro
  • Micros Opera
  • Ungerboek
  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook Calendar
  • Plus any other XML, CSV, JSON, SOAP, ICS, RSS and More systems

Schedule and automate what displays on your conference room screens. Looking for an interactive room booking solution? 22MILES’s Publisher Pro allows anyone to create a digital signage system which gives attendees the ability to book meeting rooms, search upcoming events, and ping for assistance.

Custom Mobile Apps for Conferences and Tradeshows

Conference attendees normally run a tight schedule. Improve your conference experience by providing your attendees with a customized mobile phone app that keeps them well informed with the latest news, conference schedules, augmented-reality wayfinding capabilities, and announcements. Mobile apps are the perfect answer to the busy conference attendee.

In 2018, 22MILES launched a custom mobile app for the Orange County Conference Center. Click here to read more about our project. We also encourage you to try the app for yourself.

Some additional Mobile App Feature sets:


Easily find your way around the expo using interactive 3D maps connected to a complate Exhibitor Directory and Session List


Stay up to date on the latest event info with push notifications


Get a sneak peak of the latest new products that will be on display at the expo


Plan your expo experience by 'favoriting' booths and sessions


Easily take notes and record your experience using the built-in memos page


Give us feedback directly in the app

High Resolution Video Walls and LED Boards

Video walls are designed to make an impression. They communicate prestige, create moods in their viewership, and with the right planning, can even enhance attitudes about brand and culture.

Our video wall features:

  • Flexible content and freeform design
  • Single presentation on all screens
  • UltraHD 4K Resolution and higher available
  • Live video & streaming content
  • Office 365, G-suite, and Outlook Calendar Integrations
  • Social Media Streams
  • RFID Integrations
  • Interactive & Touchscreen Capabilities
  • Daisy chain (4x, 6x, 8x, 12x, all the way up to 36x)

Digital Displays for Tradeshows

Tradeshow organizers can now provide their attendees with a full suite of digital signage applications. 22MILES provides a rental program for any type of tradeshow.

Have any show be equipped with Interactive applications, video walls, and standard digital signs to your tradeshow halls, booths, and even to mobile:

  • Attract larger crowds
  • Leverage interactive signs to increase engagement
  • Highlight sponsored booths, and promote show exhibitors
  • Provide real time sessions and break out event locations
  • Capture attendee information
  • Highlight and promote your show awards and future events

Digital Menu Signs for Venue Restaurants

  • Generate more revenue by creating a menu that highlights your best-selling items.
  • Create a menu schedule that automatically alternates between the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.
  • Ability to make changes to your prices, specials, and menu on the fly.
  • Eliminate print costs.