Digital Signage & Wayfinding for Hotels and Resorts

For today’s technology savvy guests, Hospitality Brands must include next-gen solutions that instantly captivate guests in a dynamic and engaging way. Brands must provide digital applications with dazzling visuals, stimulating infotainment, unique property content that is not always publicly accessible, and even reservation check-in capabilities. Brands’ designs should also never be limited to only one interface layout, or to vendor content control. Each brand should be free to stand out with their brand’s well-recognized uniqueness and appeal.

Hospitality Environments’ Digital Signage can benefit with: 

A Better Way to Communicate to Your Guests

Communication is the key to success. How you communicate to the guests at your hotel and resort matters. Our digital signage software and solutions are built to address communication issues that hotels and resorts come across on a daily basis.

Our solutions include:

  • Conference room signs
  • Digital reader boards
  • Lobby signs
  • Wayfinding & interactive kiosks
  • Digital menu boards

Every solution that we provide comes with the ability to:

  • Display local weather and traffic reports
  • Make announcements and send EMS alerts
  • Sync with local public transportation, Uber, and Lyft
  • Easily drag-and-drop widgets to design your digital sign
  • and more…

To read more about our features, click here:

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Display Dynamic Schedules on Your Screens

Place meeting room boards, reader boards, wayfinding kiosks, and digital lobby signs that shows dynamic schedules. Your guests can stay up to date with announcements and conference room schedules by simply reading your signs.

Our digital signage software easily integrates with the following calendars and scheduling softwares:

  • EMS
  • Sales Pro
  • Micros Opera
  • Hyatt Envision
  • Marriott CI/TY
  • Starwood ISAC
  • Ungerboek
  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook Calendar

Let us show you how you can integrate your scheduling software with your digital signage!

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Execute Your Events Flawlessly

It takes a village to run an event to perfection. With our digital signage software, you’re able to keep all of your teams on track.

  • Caterers are able to keep up with conference room schedules and deliver meals accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Employees can stay on track since schedules can be seen on screens and even on their mobile phones with our HTML5 digital signage solution.
  • Sales operation no longer has to update every single digital sign on a daily basis. Instead, meeting room signs and reader boards are dynamically updated with the latest room schedules.

Let us show you how you digital signage keeps your team on track!

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Provide Turn-by-Turn Directions to Your Amenities

Navigating a hotel or resort can be confusing and frustrating. Our wayfinding solution is designed to help ease this customer pain point.

Placing wayfinding kiosks around your hotel and resort provides your guests with turn-by-turn directions to your hotel’s restaurants, conference rooms, amenities, frontdesks, and parking lots.

Take it one step up with wayfinding for mobile phones. Guests can download an iOS or Android app to experience wayfinding directly on their phone.

Click here to learn more about wayfinding!

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Hotel wayfinding kiosk

Design, Manage, & Publish Your Digital Signage Content From Anywhere

With our cloud-based digital signage, your digital signs can be maintained through any device with an internet connection and internet browser. Our cloud-based digital signage solution allows you to:

  • Scale easily
  • Save money on servers & server infrastructures
  • Save time and run efficiently
  • Have a peace of mind when it comes to support and reliability because we have the best experts at hand

Learn more about our cloud-hosted digital signage solution!

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A Better Way to Promote

We build digital signage solutions that help you maximize your ROI. Use your lobby signs, digital reader boards, conference room signs, and wayfinding kiosks to create ad space that highlights special deals and limited time offerings.

Digital menu boards can be placed throughout the property to show the on-site restaurant’s menu.

Guests can sign-up for e-mail newsletters directly on your digital signs.

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