In today’s ever evolving modern restaurant, guests and diners all expect to not just be wowed by the cuisines, but also their ambiance. They want all their senses to be engaged, and a visual digital to tablet solution adds that level. 22 Miles’ Publisher 4.0 seamlessly provides a flexible and adoptable food service digital deployment. It can be highly customized and branded to engage guests in any restaurant or F&B environment. Always be able to add, update, change menu items in real-time. Add photos, videos, daily specials, and promotions with built-in widgets, and optimized applications. Some common establishments where the application can be implemented are: Upscale sit‐down restaurants, alcoholic beverage focused nightclubs, wine bars and brew pubs, fast‐service oriented delis, coffee shops, and much more.

Interactive Digital Menu

Enhance the atmosphere of your menus with a high-tech and high-end interactive digital signage solution.

  • Simply include menu navigation to any interactive menu board, and watch as you draw in customer involvements and satisfaction.
  • Create a VIP experience with a menu board that provides web control for promotional enrollments, ordering any time, multi-language and multimedia integrations.
  • Have your customers’ senses engaged with new promotions, HD food and drink photos and videos with vector controls right on their fingertips.

Digital Menu Video Walls

Why just have one display showing today’s menu specials, have it illuminate your customers senses with a multi-screen wall solution.

  • Increase your menus visibility with a multi-screen digital board that provides large format HD pictures, slideshows, and large font menus.
  • Optimize your wall space with three, four, five, or even six displays tiled together to create large, visually appealing menus with flash animation, or HD videos showing your daily specials or promotions.
  • Provide a new form of video menu engagement with a multi-display interactive experience providing large scale ordering, VIP sign ups, and other impactful multimedia applications.

Tablet Solution

Increase the experience for your guests and clients; allow them to order from anywhere anytime through our built-in mobile applications.

  • Enable clients and customers to review your menus and promotions from the lounge or outside locations
  • Integrate to a POS system and have them order the customer’s order their drinks or food.
  • Create an innovative dining experience while promoting specials, client surveys, and increasing guest sign-ins.