Upgrade your Way Of Working (WOW) with 22Miles and Microsoft.

Combining 22Miles and Microsoft solutions brings a new WOW for your workforce by streamlining how teams communicate, share information, and use resources to improve productivity wherever team members operate.

Formulated to work with Microsoft

22Miles CMS design unifies experiences with Microsoft solutions, which removes any limits from the possibilities for your business and workforce. Your team can work from inside the Microsoft apps they already know and love to deliver value and ROI. Together, 22Miles and Microsoft connect the digital workplace by linking Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, Exchange, Azure, and O365 with our employee workforce solutions. 22Miles also augments Microsoft’s digital and physical workplace offerings with digital signage, space reservation, and 3D wayfinding resources.

Microsoft Teams + 22Miles

Easily access 22Miles solutions through Teams Unlock all the 22Miles employee app features from your daily tools—access all the functionality from the Microsoft Teams desktop or mobile app. View global and local updates within a simple interface: reserve desks, rooms, and other workplace resources with a few clicks.

Microsoft Workforce Communications + 22Miles

Communicating with employees with Microsoft harnesses time-saving automations to drive results. Connect meeting room displays with workspace reservation features to Exchange and Office 365 calendars on all connected digital devices with 22Miles. When an employee reserves a desk or meeting room, the reservation appears in their calendar along with all other conference attendees. Incorporate desk and office hoteling with interactive wayfinding, so attendees always know where to go for meetings.

Microsoft Workplace Analytics + 22Miles

Display live-update dashboards on digital signage, mobile, an employee app, and Microsoft Teams with PowerBI. Natively integrate with PowerBI to combine business analytics and data visualization to help organizations make data-driven decisions. Connect with Microsoft Azure for single sign-on active directories, so employees don’t need to log in manually. Streamline the check-in process so visitors can call employees directly from a touchscreen with video conferencing.

Microsoft teams rooms

Keeping Teams Motivated in Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR)

When integrated, users can post digital signage content to Microsoft Teams channels and tabs. Teams chat content can display scrolling tickers or a large screen. When in MTR rooms before a meeting, idle screens can broadcast essential data such as KPIs, branded messaging, and more. It’s like a screensaver for any device in the facility ecosystem. Admin has granular control over content placement per player, location, or room. You can download the 22Miles app from the Microsoft Teams store to enable ADSlide to publish to Teams.

Omnichannel Content Management

Sync OneDrive with 22Miles Publisher Pro V7 for seamless asset management, creating an efficient content publishing workflow that enables more content contributors to publish your content and information to digital signage screens, mobile and desktop devices, and email inboxes.


Connect with Microsoft Azure to automatically supply information to single sign-on active directories. This enables employees to skip logging in manually, so everything connected with facility ecosystems are tracked accurately.