The SEGD Arrow Award recognizes exemplary service or dedication to advancing technologies and manufacturing in experiential graphic design and providing the highest quality of services

22Miles, a global leader in experiential 3D wayfinding and immersive digital signage technology, has been announced as a 2020 recipient of the SEGD Arrow award. The SEGD Arrow Award recognizes exemplary service or dedication to advancing technologies and manufacturing in experiential graphic design and striving to provide the highest quality in products and services to the field. Recipients of the SEGD Arrow Award have advanced new manufacturing processes, led the development of innovative new products, and championed sustainable practices and materials.

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2020 has been a banner year for the Silicone valley tech company, bolstered by a number of releases and announcements that have garnered a noticeable amount of industry attention. Beginning with the announcement of the release of PublisherPro.AioT, the latest version of their CMS, and continuing with the Protection-as-a-Service suite of solutions, 22MILES has focused a great deal on releasing solutions that create efficiencies, increase public safety, and bring flexibility to customers.

22MILES EVP Tomer Mann has been at the forefront of the company’s 2020 efforts, engaging with media and customers to create awareness of how their technology is being engineered to help navigate the “new normal” of a post-pandemic world.

“Winning the Arrow award has been a very positive affirmation and honor for our company. We have such a diverse team, often working from remote locations, but truly working together under un-predictable and often challenging circumstances, yet still producing outcomes that we as a company can be proud of. Our business is based on agility and the ability to adapt to the market and the world quickly, which has been the theme of 2020 given what has happened so far. We have not just “talked to”, but really LISTENED to many of our customers, worked with a lot of great technology partners,  and dug in on our R&D to really focus on developing and communicating all of the capabilities of our solutions. It’s really all about our customers and letting them know that we hear their voices and understand that the world is looking for companies who place providing technology to solve problems over just profiteering and business as usual,” Mann commented.

video wall, 10 screen, digital signageFormed in 2007, 22MILES is an award-winning software solution provider specializing in immersive digital signage and interactive wayfinding experiences. Powered by the development of their intuitive propriety CMS, the company Is a leading provider for projects that include 3D wayfinding, 4K video walls, mobile indoor positioning, dynamic signage and more for clients like Westfield, Astra Zeneca, Einstein Health System, JFK, JLL, Cushman & Wakefield, Four Seasons Resort Worldwide, Hilton Worldwide, IHG, NTT, Cooper Co, GA Tech University, and Duke Energy. At the heart of the company’s mission statement is a core belief that every customer should be treated as a partner, and every interaction is an opportunity to drive smarter, more agile, digital, and mobile-forward solutions.  PaaS and its components such as TempDefend and Touchless Touch, were born of the company’s ongoing initiatives to support multiple markets including healthcare, retail, organizational, education, airport, government, and large venues.

With additional solutions forthcoming throughout the remainder of 2020 and 2021, the Arrow award recognition comes at a point where the company is investing even more into their technology development. Some of 22MILES’s solutions releases to date this year include:

TempDefend – Engineered as a customizable, “Plug-and-Play” thermo-sensing digital signage communication and direction tool, TempDefend couples advanced camera hardware, facial and body temperature detection software, integrated sensors, and dynamic machine learning algorithms for existing or new digital signage displays.

Touchless Touch | Voice Activation & Control – Touchless Touch creates a fully interactive, touch-free user experience using 22Miles’ Voice Activation/Recognition & Control capabilities. A component of the digital signage solution, Touchless Touch can be integrated into any kiosk or signage application to provide touch-free accessibility and wayfinding – an increasingly important new communication tool in a COVID-impacted world.

Secure Mobile Control (SMC)- Control any digital device using any OS with a QR code scan (network required) on a mobile device and control from the web browser, with no application to download or install. SMC easily enables remote interaction through a secure mouse pad and on-screen keyboard. Coupled with Touchless Touch, SMC eliminates the hygiene risks associated with touching and physically interacting with screens.

Digital Notifications Suite – A desktop digital notification solution designed to keep remote and distributed workforces aware of all company announcements, news, and other live information in real-time. Administrators can easily install the software across multiple remote devices and make quick changes, transmit to widget or screens.

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Mann was interviewed by SEGD following the announcement of 22MILES’ Arrow Award win.

“We see a future where floorplans, buildings, work-life, customer experiences, and the way that companies and the public interact are changing. Technology will play a major role in keeping people safe, connected, and informed in a world where many different challenges impact how we live, work, and consume the world around us. Our ongoing relationship with SEGD has seen 22MILES, a company that began as a small start-up, to push well beyond our initial “software-only” comfort zone to grow into an experiential and immersive design-friendly company that can serve an unlimited number of sectors and customers. We are very excited about the future, and very humbled by this award’s recognition,” Mann stated.

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