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Centralized CMS with Layout Designer, Floorplan Editor,
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Customizable Digital Signage and Truly Adaptable Wayfinding Solution


About 22MILES

22MILES has been a global supplier of leading digital signage solutions since 2007. Offering award-winning and patented digital technology, committed to continually innovating and enabling end users with next-gen features, add-ons, updates and engaging user experiences that allow any novice user to create, update, and design like the pros.

With all the latest, leading-edge features included as standard products, Clients and users clearly understand what features will be available upon Purchase, greatly saving the communication time during a project’s implementation. Clients, users, and Integrators will acquire the confidence to meet the increasing and changing requirements even up to the last minute, satisfying any project budget and timeframe. 22MILES eliminates the hidden, annual subscription costs associated with most third party integrations, waives user/seat licensing, and makes maintenance contracts optional, which are usually mandatory from other vendors. After a project is deployed, our clients aren’t stuck with having to call the vendor for content changes; instead, they can make any changes easily in-house.