Combining 22Miles and Webex streamlines how enterprises communicate, share information, and use resources to help productivity skyrocket from wherever team members operate.

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22Miles and Webex

22Miles is a cutting-edge content publishing platform designed specifically for workplace devices and digital signage.

It empowers companies to effortlessly disseminate crucial information to their teams through a diverse range of channels, regardless of their physical location.

Whether employees are stationed at the office, an industrial facility, home, or on the move, 22Miles ensures seamless communication and effortless access to vital updates. The company offers solutions that are easy to implement and use for organizations worldwide.

How it works

22Miles’ CMS design unifies experiences with Webex solutions, which removes any limits from your business and workforce possibilities. 

Your team can work from inside the Webex tools they already know and love to deliver value and return on investment (ROI).

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Getting Started with 22Miles and Webex

Authorize 22MILES Enterprise App

  • Please click here to retrieve your Webex tokens. The URL will redirect to Webex website.
  • Login to your Webex Account.
  • Check the authorization result.

Use the App

  • Setup workspace resources
  • Open Chrome browser and access Webex Control Hub, sign in with your Webex account.
  • Click “Devices” and add your Cisco Room kit device.
  • Click “Workspaces” and switch to “Integrations” tab, confirm “22MILES Enterprise” integrations existed.
  • Click “Workspaces” and config your conference rooms.
  • Click “Workspaces” and select one of the rooms and edit Calendar Settings, adding O365 or Google Calendar.
  • Note: the basic Room/Desk/Space booking requires O365 or GSuite/GCal authentication.

Room/Desk/Space booking

  • From the App homepage, click ‘Book a meeting”, select an available conference room from the list or map, select start and end time, enter optional information including meeting name, organizer name, Start / End Time and click “submit”.
  • Check the meeting info on Cisco devices.

Why 22Miles and Webex

The 22Miles system enables the spectrum of Cisco collaboration tools to integrate and manage corporate communications when not invoked in collaborative sessions. 

With 22Miles custom signage mode enabled, Webex integration delivers a full digital signage experience, supporting both passive and interactive digital signage capabilities. 

Users can watch live or recorded video, view presentations, web content, and book meeting rooms.

  • Strategic flexibility – a single comprehensive system that augments your existing Webex devices with modern workplace functionality for your enterprise.
  • Open channels – remove communication obstacles between in-person, hybrid colleagues, across departments, and more.
  • Clarify objectives – streamline collaboration to synchronize teams and supercharge productivity.
  • Simplify planning – utilize data insights to organize and manage building usage to accommodate the needs of in-office and hybrid workers. 
  • Streamline reservations – enable employees and visitors to reserve, locate, and check into rooms, desks, and offices, including calendar integrations with O365 and Google Workplace.