Planar + 22Miles

Planar display solutions, paired with 22Miles, are ideal for diverse applications from digital signage, and presentations to wayfinding, kiosks and more.

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Planar Display Solutions
Powered by 22Miles

Planar display solutions combine performance, innovative features and impeccable craftsmanship to suit the unique needs of nearly every application.

From the largest and highest resolution LED and LCD video walls to transparent OLED, always-on LCD digital signage and borderless curved desktop monitors. No matter the visualization requirement, Planar displays get the job done.

Planar products flawlessly display content from our CMS. The 22Miles platform enables you to connect with all Planar display technologies to create vivid digital experiences, whether your audience are clients, fans, patients, visitors, students, or travelers.

Planar LED + 22Miles

Planar LED video walls deliver captivating visuals at any size or shape with excellent visual characteristics that make the content look great from any angle. Planar is a leader for LED video wall solutions with thousands of marquee installations around the world.

They deliver high performance, commercial grade, direct view LED displays for everything from the high-resolution MicroLED video walls for cinema and on-camera applications, to massive sports venue video boards and touch-based displays for collaborative spaces.

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Planar LCD + 22Miles

Planar’s award-winning LCD video walls and large-format displays have narrow bezels, flexible mounting systems, and extremely slim profiles.

For collaborative environments, Planar LCD video walls and displays can be equipped with a multi-point simultaneous touch system and protective glass bonded to the display’s front surface to create a durable screen for high-traffic environments.

Planar + 22Miles Installations

Nationwide Corporate Offices

22Miles worked with Red Minnow to elevate the modern workplace experience at Nationwide’s corporate offices. A 7 x 2 interactive video wall, powered by 22Miles’ CMS, is the centerpiece of the technology infusion.

The installation provides visitors with a platform to learn about Nationwide, its founders, its rich history, charitable initiatives, and more.

NTT Corporate Offices

The NTT corporate offices in New York City boast an impressive 3 x 3 video wall installation crafted with cutting-edge Planar hardware, seamlessly powered by the robust 22Miles CMS.

The harmonious combination of Planar hardware and 22Miles software creates a dynamic synergy that delivers captivating and interactive experiences. Notably, the video wall features full touchscreen support, enhancing the environment at NTT.

All Part of One Platform

Digital signage, wayfinding, active directories, and video walls are a combination of several technologies. 22Miles content management system is what brings those pieces together.

Our platform is fast, secure, hardware agnostic, and can grow right along with you.

Flexible configuration settings and powerful administrative tools enable us to tailor our deployments to meet client needs.