AI Solutions: Craft Personalized Customer Journeys

Optimize your business to scale with 22Miles AI for personalized interactions and streamlined operations.

Imagine your business where every customer interaction is seamless, every query is answered promptly, and every engagement feels personalized. That’s the power of our AI solutions.

Our suite of products enhances AI interactions across your business, featuring the AI Assistant for customer engagement, AI Backoffice for data exploration, and AI Command for streamlined content management.

Intelligent and Enhanced Interactions

Fuel your customer support and content management with the power of 22 employees. Our AI assistants do the heavy lifting for you.

  • Proprietary 22Miles AI model based on ChatGPT
  • Customizable Interaction
  • Advanced AI Technology
  • Multilingual Support
  • Accurate Responses

22Miles AI Products

Our suite of products is designed to amplify the impact of AI technology throughout your business. There are three main products that define our innovative AI solutions.

AI Assistant

Maximize customer interaction and efficiency with a responsive chat interface that elevates the consumer experience.

Customizable Interaction – AI Assistant is trained and confined to support a wide array of tasks specific business needs, which can be rapidly deployed to digital signage, mobile apps, websites, and more.

Advanced AI Technology –Employs the sophisticated OpenAI GPT model for natural and intuitive user interactions. We’ve also introduced a proprietary 22Miles AI model for high volume and secure data handling.

Multilingual Support – Capable of understanding and interacting in numerous languages, natively. It can support, but not limited to, English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and more.

Accurate Responses- Utilizes a proprietary training process with live data integration for accurate, context-aware answers.

AI Backoffice

Simplify complex data exploration from FAQs to tech support responses, and more.

Customized Employee Tool – An employee-centric tool, providing answers and support tailored to individual roles, identities, and access levels within a company.

Knowledge Center Integration – This tool seamlessly integrates with internal knowledge bases, turning them into interactive, AI-driven hubs for employee information retrieval.

Versatile Application – From responding to RFPs and security assessments to providing general company information, AI Backoffice ensures accuracy and depth in its responses.

AI Command

Simplifying content editing and executing complex commands with our intuitive owner-facing chat interface integrated into your CMS.

Conversational AI Interface –Streamline content editing tasks with an intuitive chat interface.

Integrated Player Commands – Execute player commands without navigating complex menus.

Seamless CMS Integrations- AI Command is fully integrated into Content Manager for a unified experience.


AI Expanding Across Verticals

Explore how digital signage transforms various industries, from enhancing guest experiences in hotels and hospitality to streamlining operations in manufacturing and beyond.

Elevate the shopping experience by assisting customers in finding products, comparing features, and making informed decisions without the wait. 

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Offer visitors, attendees, and event organizers an interactive guide with simple prompts or natural conversational interactions, improving accessibility to facilities and events.

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Provide travelers with real-time updates, FIDS, PIDs data, directions, and service information, minimizing confusion and enhancing efficiency. 

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