Digital Signage, Wayfinding, and Integration with Mobile Offer Improved Safety and Communications for Residents and Businesses at The Alhambra Urban Community.

urban digital directories

Located just north of Las Angeles, California, a unique urban mixed-use community, ‘The Alhambra,’ has just finished construction on its first development phase. The newly built neighborhood grew out from the original C F Braun & Co. Headquarters building, a well-preserved example of architecture from the 1920s.

In addition to residences, The Alhambra campus includes approximately:

  • Nine hundred twenty-four thousand square feet of office space.
  • One hundred fifteen thousand square feet of retail.
  • Fifty thousand square feet of fitness center.

urban digital directories

The overarching vision of this connected community was to blend the lifestyle of residents, shoppers, visitors, and staff. Technologies incorporated into the property give residents and visitors unique opportunities to engage in interactive experiences with the various domains on the multi-use campus.

The flexible digital directories throughout the community provide residents and visitors direct access to up-to-date information about the campus, including a calendar of events, weather forecasts, advertising, and more. These easy-to-use directories also include wayfinding technology for locating and navigating the community grounds.

Accessing Information from anywhere

Interactive digital displays permeate every aspect of the experience at The Alhambra. The touchscreens utilize technology that enables users to interact with the display screens by touching them. However, concerns over touching public displays due to the possibility of transmitting bacteria and viruses have been an ongoing issue. While there are methods for protecting users from encountering pathogens while using touchscreens, nothing compares to the safety of contact-free screen interactions.

Addressing health safety concerns

With safety in mind, in addition to directly interacting with sophisticated multi-touch direct sunlight displays, users can remotely interact with signage using secure mobile control. This is another example of the many ways 22Miles technology is at the forefront of creating interactive experiences for smart city developments and the future.

urban digital directories

For this installation, we teamed up with the multi-disciplinary designers at FOUND. They are responsible for capturing the great-looking images and video in this article. 

Learn more about our unique capabilities and book a demo today to elevate the campus experience with digital signage for mixed-use developments. Give us a call at (408) 933-3000 or complete our contact request form today. 

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