Digital Signage for Mixed-Use Developments

Mixed-use developments are versatile and innovative, integrating multiple purposes and functions into a single structure or compact area. These projects combine residential, office, retail, medical, recreational, commercial, and industrial elements to create a harmonious urban environment. However, they also pose significant challenges.

Digital signage emerges as a transformative solution for these complex developments. It goes beyond displaying amenities, taking on roles such as enhancing security, promoting safety, and fostering community connections. Its presence enhances the mixed-use development, making it an exceptional place to live. This article explores the benefits of a digital signage ecosystem for these urban marvels where technology and architecture converge.

mixed use digital signage

Digital Signage for Community Identity

Mixed-use developments are thoughtful, unique, and inviting places for their residents. Their success relies on solid branding to differentiate the community in the minds of homebuyers, tenants, and visitors. Branded content displayed on digital signage is a powerful way to bring the character of the mixed-use community to life. In fact, a study by Intel found that digital signage can increase brand awareness by 47.7%. Each display can broadcast relevant, fresh, and engaging visual communications with design themes that reinforce the community brand.

Ensuring branding consistency across all digital screens in the development is simple with a robust CMS like 22Miles. The intelligent Template Center simplifies creating engaging content with respect to branding initiatives. Any edits to one template, such as logos, fonts, or colors, automatically populate other templates, providing previews of different templates in the library that align with the development’s brand. This guarantees that all of the content displayed on screens within the community digital ecosystem are always on brand.

Digital Signage Advertising

Digital signage in a mixed-use development provides an effective platform for marketing ad space to promote local businesses. It serves as a prominent medium for businesses to reach out to local visitors. Utilizing our 22Miles CMS within this ecosystem enables operators to fully harness the capabilities of different ad networks, offering local advertisers the potential for higher returns compared to other advertising options.

  • Unforgettable Messaging – Digital signage ads ensure messages stick firmly in the audience’s minds. They have an astonishing recall rate of 83%, nearly double the retention rate of traditional advertising.
  • Dominating Presence – Rise above the cluttered realm of online ads as a commanding force, capturing the attention of 71% of consumers who recognize the superior impact of digital signage advertising.
  • Indelible Impressions – Leave an unforgettable mark on the minds of your audiences. Studies show 46% of individuals agree that digital signage advertising even outshines the brilliance of television ads.

In the realm of advertising, digital signage can be one of the most cost effective ways for local businesses to attract customers.

Mixed-Use Community Wayfinding

It’s easy to get lost in complex floor plans like those in mixed-use developments. Typically, restaurants and bars are on the ground floor, offices or co-working spaces are on the second and third stories, and condos and apartments are above that. Navigating intricate areas like these is a big problem for unfamiliar visitors. When people can’t find where they want to go, it gives them a negative impression of the property, they get frustrated, and they leave.

The key to long-term customer satisfaction in a mixed-use development is providing a way to effortlessly travel between retail, apartments, business offices, restaurants, or movie theaters. Digital wayfinding supplies an invaluable service by significantly reducing the time they spend searching for a destination. In just a few seconds, wayfinding enables unfamiliar visitors to orient themselves, locate their objective, view a map, and be on their way. Additionally, with 22Miles CMS powering the digital signs, QR codes added on any screen will transfer the digital signage content to a user’s mobile phone browser. This enables visitors to take the signage experience with them on the go without downloading a new app.

Real-Time Information and Events

One of the greatest challenges in implementing digital signage solutions is ensuring they display accurate and up-to-date data; it’s an issue particularly found in large and complex facilities. Mixed-Use developments fit this description perfectly. The solution for this problem is simple: automation. It’s another area where digital signage is the perfect answer.

Kiosks and digital signs can integrate with various IoT hardware and software APIs. These powerful tools automatically feed the signs real-time data, so they can display weather, news, movie times, transit schedules, and other time-sensitive information. Powerful integrations like these make system management more accessible and convenient.

As industry leaders in digital signage and wayfinding, 22Miles’ innovative technology will help elevate guest experiences in mixed-use communities.

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