22Miles and Intel Video Walls – A One of a Kind Guest Experience

Video Walls Guest Experience

Las Vegas Convention Center User Experience
Powered by Intel, 22Miles provides an industry-leading platform for interactive Video Walls designed to bring any facility to life with a visually stunning experience that can inform, guide, and captivate. 22Miles’ Video Walls can accommodate various content displays and flexible integrations with 4k to 10k+ resolution, options for a wide range of sizes and orientations.
Ranked as the number one trade show destination in North America for over two decades, the Las Vegas Convention Center features 22Miles & Intel Market Ready
Solutions for Wayfinding, Visual communications, and Video walls. Utilizing Samsung and specialty fabricator DCL to equip the center with a fleet of digital hardware, the massive 4.6 million-square-foot facility includes multiple video walls positioned in key areas within the facility and it’s unique amenities, including “The Las Vegas Loop, a groundbreaking subterranean transportation system designed to help visitors navigate the sprawling center quickly, as well as a customized 10,000 square foot LED video wall, that greets visitors as they enter the convention center.
22Miles intel-powered video walls enhance facilities of any size with the ability to:
  • Engage with potential customers by leveraging real-time data to deliver custom automated, high-resolution, engaging content.
  • Reduce operational complexity and relieve team workloads by deploying an easy-to-use and to-learn CMS. This allows practically any staff to manage, schedule, and publish interactive media quickly without involving IT.
  • Deploy and scale with ease by utilizing a platform designed to integrate as many 3rd party APIs as necessary.
  • Optimize content distribution through content management software that handles animations, high-definition videos, and live data feeds that can be deployed on any screen, at any size, and remotely managed from anywhere.

All-in-one Platform For Every
Flexible Customization

It’s content design, made fast and easy. Launch a design in minutes using a drag-and-drop template, or create more customized projects using our comprehensive low-code platform. Make instant updates any time through the web-based Quick Edit portal, or access total editorial control though the Desktop Designer Content Management Software.


To get a custom quote or learn more about Intel-powered wayfinding by 22Miles, or for a customized quote, visit us online at: www.22miles.com/intel

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