22Miles and Intel Wayfinding for Large Convention Centers

Greater Columbus Covention Center

Powered by the Intel, 22Miles provides Market Ready Wayfinding Solutions for Convention Centers.
Powered by the Intel NUC & other Intel Players, 22Miles Wayfinding for Convention Centers and Large Arenas can create a unique and useful navigational experience within facilities of any size and type.
Guests, staff, visitors, and performers can easily find their way to destinations within and around the facility, via an interactive experience that features 3D Multi-floor Maps that can be enjoyed on touch screen kiosks or via mobile phone.
As one of the busiest convention centers in North America, downtown Columbus Ohio’s Greater Columbus Convention Center hosts a full schedule of events of events that account for over 3 million visitors per year.
Located in the 14th largest city in the United States in the midst of a vibrant entertainment district, the venue’s management completed a $140 million dollar expansion and renovation in July 2017. With over 1.8 million square feet spanning the facility, which includes 373,000 square feet of contiguous exhibit space, the Greater Columbus Convention Center offers an array of amenities to serve guests and facilitate nearly any type of event.
The convention center is nestled in the heart downtown Columbus’ Arena District and Arts District which offers international dining, shopping and entertainment. With five hotels connected by sky bridges and a robust food court, navigating the massive facility and its related attractions required a digital wayfinding solution that could keep up with the needs of thousands of guests, event planners, and staff within the rapidly growing venue on a daily basis.
Powered by Intel and 22Miles, the Interactive wayfinding technology for large convention centers delivers an instant navigation experience to allow guests, attendees, vendors and other visitors to quickly get to their events and attractions.
Powered by the intel NUC mini-computing system, 22Miles 3D Interactive Wayfinding guides users on more than 20 kiosk digital displays, strategically placed around the multiple levels of the convention center. Guests can engage with the 3D interactive maps on the touch screens, which feature multi-level, zoom and pinch functionality to get turn by turn directions from any starting point in the facility to their intended destination.
The kiosks also house maps to nearby attractions in the arts district and beyond, allowing guests to search for amenities like restaurants, ATMS, shopping, parking, and other places.
All key system elements are powered by Intel® processors. To deliver on the transformative promise of IoT, Intel and its ecosystem of partners—including 22Miles—offer scalable, end-to-end solutions that provide solid business results today and lay the foundation for a more intelligent tomorrow.
Guests can use the touchscreens to instantly access and interact with
  • Turn by turn directions to destinations within and around the convention center
  • Information about the facility
  • Details about current and future events
  • Questions & answers
  • Quick guidance to bathrooms, restaurants, ballrooms & meeting rooms
  • Advertisements & upcoming notifications
22MILES content management system, Publisher Pro, allows Columbus Convention Center administrative staff to easily customize and update maps, facility listings, pins, points of interest, and other information. The scalability of the solution will allow the convention center to easily add more kiosks, destination information, and even additional digital signage solutions such as meeting room boards or video walls as the needs of the facility grow, and the facility’s IT team can track and analyze data such as number of touches and most popular destinations, providing management insights into what’s being used, and to inform on kiosk placement.
  • Intel NUCs (Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6260U CPU & 22Miles powered 3D Interactive Wayfinding kiosks
  • 21 wayfinding touch screen displays strategically placed throughout the facility
  • ADA compliance with instant screen flip to assist handicapped guests
  • Pinch and zoom interactive map functions
  • Easy updating with 22Miles Publisher Pro CMS
Powered by Intel® technologies, the 22Miles interactive wayfinding kiosks not only help convention centers, but retailers, entertainment customers, and healthcare providers alike reach their markets and helps increase sales by enhancing customer experiences through improved efficiency and responsiveness. Deployed at hundreds of events, wayfinding kiosks have increased overall sales and customer outreach.
Intel powered 22Miles Wayfinding, video wall & digital signage solutions can be found in some of the largest convention centers in the U.S including the Las Vegas Convention Center, Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida, and Virginia Beach Convention Center.
22Miles is a Gold solutions partner of Intel, providing countless organizations and facilities with a suite of market-ready solutions designed to enhance visual communications and facilitate easy digital content distribution and management for businesses, facilities, and venues of any size or type.
To get a custom quote or learn more about Intel powered wayfinding by 22Miles, or for a customized quote, visit us online at: www.22miles.com/intel

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