22Miles and Intel Video Walls – An Intuitive Admin Experience

Video Walls Admin Experience

The Las Vegas Convention Center has been ranked the number one trade show destination in North America for over two decades, hosting a busy roster of nearly 2 million visitors annually across over 50 large-scale industry conferences, trade shows, meetings, and events.
When the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) set out to define a new, elevated standard of customer experiences for the high-traffic venue, they needed to strike a balance between adding an incomparable “Wow-factor” to create a memorable and
immersive experience for visitors, while unifying the facility’s technology within one easy to use system for content creation and management.
Powered by Intel, 22Miles provides industry-leading CMS platform, allows administrators to create, edit, manage, and deliver content for multiple interactive Video Walls, as well as interactive wayfinding and digital signage screens. 22Miles’ Video Walls can accommodate various content displays and flexible integrations with 4k to 10k+ resolution options for a wide range of sizes and orientations as the facility’s needs grow.

An intuitive and enhanced CMS

With drag and drop functionality and easily configurable zones and display areas, control via touch or mobile device, and advanced integrations such as Intel Real Sense cameras, 22Miles video walls are fully scalable to any facility’s exact preferences.
Through the 22Miles platform, clients can integrate 3rd party APIs, manage their content with precision and deploy a wide range of media, content, visualizations, automation, and interactivity protocols to streamline better and optimize an engaging user experience.
This makes the 22Miles Video Wall solutions valuable to nearly any facility, from large convention centers to corporate HQs university campuses, experience centers, and more.


22Miles & Intel powered Video Walls Solutions benefits:
  • Hosts 4K to 10K+ resolution media and large 10,000+ square feet of screen space
  • Displays dynamic videos, interactive media, social media, news, KPIs, and ad schedules quickly and easily from a centralized control center
  • Facilitates the delivery of services such as RSS notifications, videos, media scheduling, and other data streams.
  • Implements video sync across Windows + Intel media players based on Intel, AMD, and Nvidia GPU
  • Helps prevent critical failures with hardware capable of stop-gapping electrical surges or outages between signs and software that ensures all screens are updated and connected.
  • Video wall mapping technology natively built-in to support flex video walls and mix-tile experiences
To get a custom quote or learn more about Intel-powered wayfinding by 22Miles, or for a customized quote, visit us online at: www.22miles.com/intel

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