How Digital Signage Improves the Patient Experience

Navigating a medical facility is challenging for most patients during often challenging times, so why make it hard for them? Many healthcare campuses are enormous, have multiple buildings, different entrances, and hallways that look indistinguishable. Providing precise information about facility locations is a way to help patients avoid feeling lost and stressed. There’s no more effective way to assist them than by offering a user-friendly, interactive navigation solution right from the moment they step through the doors. Even more ingeniously, imagine equipping them with a “personal assistant” to guide them precisely.

patient digital signage

AI Assistant for Wayfinding: Your Personal Guide

Enter the AI Assistant for wayfinding, powered by ChatGPT. Activating the AI Assistant is as simple as scanning a QR code at the entrance, and patients are ready to embark on their journey. They can effortlessly seek guidance through voice commands or text messages on their mobile devices, and the AI Assistant takes care of the rest. What’s more, for those whose primary language is not English, the conversation can unfold in nearly any language they are comfortable with.

The AI Assistant seamlessly integrates with 22Miles’ award-winning wayfinding solutions, culminating in a visual experience that’s nothing short of impressive. Patients are presented with stunning 3D maps, complete with full multi-touch pinch-and-zoom functionality and 360° panoramic views. These 3D maps provide clear, step-by-step directions, even accounting for stairways or elevators, and offer specialized routing options to ensure ADA accessibility. In essence, it’s akin to having a digital version of a dedicated personal assistant at their side.

Infotainment: Informing and Entertaining

Digital signage doesn’t stop at navigation; it also enhances the patient’s journey through infotainment. These screens easily capture patients’ attention and simplify complex medical concepts through animations, videos, and infographics. This dynamic content informs and educates patients and their loved ones.

Easing Anxiety in Waiting Rooms

Anxiety is a common experience for patients in waiting rooms, especially those facing serious health issues. Patient digital signage provides the perfect distraction, offering educational content that eases troubled minds. Patients can learn about medical facts, conditions like Diabetes, immunizations, dieting, and overall health. The content addresses concerns related to their appointments, ensuring they enter well-prepared and informed about their health issues, causes, and treatment choices. Additionally, with 22Miles Carry2Mobile technology, patients can scan QR codes to take content with them for continued learning during appointments on their mobile phone.

In summary, digital signage revolutionizes the patient experience by offering user-friendly navigation and informative, engaging content. It’s a valuable tool for transforming the patient journey into a more manageable and reassuring process for those receiving treatment and their families.

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