22Miles Technology Landscape

We provide our customers with innovative digital signage & wayfinding solutions

Today’s Technology Landscape


22Miles is a leader in digital signage and wayfinding. We transform ideas into well-designed, multi-faceted, experiential, and scalable digital signage and wayfinding solutions. Our core belief is that every customer is a partner and every use case is an opportunity to drive agile, collaborative, and mobile-enabled experiences, backed by unparalleled technical support.

Our award-winning software helps customers seamlessly develop and deploy unique projects, serving the Banking, Government, Corporate, Education, Gaming, Healthcare, Hospitality, Quick Service Restaurants, Smart Retail, Transportation, Smart cities, Venue space, and other markets.




22MILES curates immersive digital signage and interactive wayfinding experiences. The 22MILES customer journey begins with the easy to use, powerful software engine of PublisherPro.AiOT, granting users unprecedented flexibility to design and implement projects spanning digital signage kiosks, to interactive wayfinding with augmented reality, to full-scale video walls. We work with some of the most innovative hardware integrations partners in the market to move projects from concept to reality.


How many touches did a digital signage kiosk get in one month? What was the most popular destination requested utilizing turn by turn directions in your wayfinding platform? How many commands were spoken in a touchless touch vertical sign at the shopping mall entrance? 22MILES gives you the insight behind the actions, so you can achieve the outcomes you desire for both users and administrators. 22MILES unlocks the gateway to limitless possibilities through the enhanced technology connectivity of our solutions.


One solution for every type of digital signage


An award-winning legacy


Enterprise and Cloud-based

The upcoming ‘PublisherPro.AIoT’ (version 6) enhances its leading position in wayfinding by including Floor Plan designer, GeoJSON for Google/Apple/ArcGIS, and other map platforms. Users will enjoy a more responsive mobile 3D wayfinding and API, paired with a smarter human-readable turn-by-turn algorithm. Voice command control connected to wayfinding allows for improved ADA experience.


A solid Technology Ecosystem

With our hardware-agnostic approach, we’re enabling a more intelligent Internet of Things (IoT),
supporting enterprises that are moving to the edge so they can capture more data,
analyze it faster, and act on it sooner.

With Intel as our IoT partner, we work together on a broad portfolio of technology,
solutions, and tools to facilitate more strategic decision-making,
operational advancements, and industry-defining disruption.


Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things

Forbes describes IoT and AI as two independent technologies that have a significant impact on multiple industry verticals. While IoT is the digital nervous system, AI becomes the brain that makes decisions that control the overall system. The lethal combination of AI and IoT brings us AIoT – Artificial Intelligence of Things – that delivers intelligent and connected systems that are capable of self-correcting and self-healing themselves.

22Miles Visual Communications solutions support the AIoT architecture, on one hand in facilitating ingestion of data at the edge, like our sensor readings in our temperature sensing TempDefend, or proof of play in our content publishing to displays, on the other hand, processing it through AI, like our facial/image recognition, reformatting it into visual components, that are then scheduled and displayed in a dynamic fashion that fits the relevant application and market.

With full management control and enterprise governance, all ingested data feeds the analytics engine that translates it into actionable and real-time insights
that can transform operations and experiences.