Digital Building Directories & Waiting Room Boards

The 22MILES’ template/directory designer provides a comprehensive toolbox of media inserts to manage and communicate any property’s design and unique branding styles. We have added widgets; Photoshop and HTML type visual filters that can easily be associated through built-in drop downs. Never requiring code or programming, everything is meant for a daily user’s simple enjoyment, and quick Management. Easily able to insert any data sources and add field values to always have directories specific to the properties and users’ needs and visual expression.

Scheduling was also never made easier. 22MILES allows users to: create different levels of schedules either built-in to the multi-layered template, each slide, or full playlist. Create time filters for the data listings. Have the ability to push each media portion out with its own interval and refresh rate. Schedule multiple slides with multiple media formats within the template. Create a playlist of slides and have them run independently to each of the property units or to all. Override and prioritize playlists and automate their updates at any set time or extended settings. Pre-set updates to never take up any of the property bandwidth. Create screen-savers over idol interactive displays. Schedule the units to power-off or to restart remotely.

Solution and Application examples Include:

Digital Building Directory

Maintaining a building directory has never been easier.

Break room/lounge displays

Break room/lounge displays

Don’t have your employees sit around just watching live TV, enhance that captive audience’s experience with a digitally dynamic tool.

  • Divert down time in the break/lounge areas, and cafeterias and leverage the display as a communication vehicle.
  • Display HR operational information: new staff welcome message, recognizing teamwork, new services or product information, and new organization regulations and processes.
  • Keep your employees up-to- date with news, events, announcements, weather and cafeteria menus

Waiting room boards

Patients and visitors don’t always have the fortitude to sit around a waiting room.

  • Facilitate an efficient digital communication application to make their wait more time-flowing and most importantly- informative.
  • Increase patient, guest, and visitor satisfaction while creating a concise and visually entertaining delivery of your desired message.
  • Easily relieve the stress associated with waiting around wondering what is going on, drag and drop entertaining games, trivia, videos, news, weather and other widgets.
Waiting room boards
Lobby/Entrance boards

Lobby/Entrance boards

Convey the messages that matter most right from the start, right as your guest, visitor, or patient enter the building.

  • Save crucial time and ensure important bulletins and facility news are seen in a digitally dynamic format.
  • Highlight event, building, and other forms of data listings through an intuitive communication digital display.
  • Quickly customize news headlines, weather reports, emergency alerts, promotions through a simple to use application.

Event & Meeting directory boards

Provide your property with the capability to quickly and instinctively give visitors or guest’s up-to-date schedules, locations and details of your events and meetings.

  • Seamless 3rd-party integration to your back-end event management system or data sources
  • Intuitive and centralized application for events, corporate functions, receptions, conventions, expos, and more.
  • Automate your events and meetings into a digital format that provides times, dates, locations and even wayfinding arrows.

Update to an interactive directory and include login panels and wayfinding.