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The Waytouch Premier™ is a tried and tested all-inclusive Award-Winning interactive wayfinding solution. Daily practical uses include multi-floor & multi-building turn by turn directions, event integration with innovative wayfinding, dynamic pop-ups with final destination images, videos and more!

The ONLY interactive wayfinding solution that gives you complete control of your property floor plans, rooms, and paths. Our unique re-routing, pathway scheduling, and preferred routes allow your displays to navigate meetings, events, and promotions in a live and dynamic way. Edit turn-by-turn routes on-the-fly and create up-to-date Pathway rules for your guests’ routes. Never need to constantly rely on content support or updated development costs from the vendor, 22MILES provides it natively in a user-friendly instinctive solution.

VIP/ Wheelchair Routes

VIP/ Wheelchair

Routes Scheduling


Preferred, or One-way Routes

Preferred, or
One-way Routes

Employee,and Private Wayfinding

Employee, and
Private Wayfinding

Smart Pathway
(Automatic Destination Routing)

  • Intelligent built-in wayfinding algorithm that auto-generates directions based on shortest path and ease of accessibility
  • Increase route updating effeciency with quick-click path disabling, one way, or preferred scheduled routing.
  • Natively integrate preferred routing, wheelchair accesibility, and detours with travel times, and traveling distances.
Smart Pathway (Automatic Destination Routing)
Enhanced 3D Map Views

Enhanced 3D Map Views

  • Fly Over: route animation that provides virtual directions as you walk through a facility.
  • Stacked Skeleton: multi-floor destination view that supports 360-degree direction viewing.
  • Eagle View: this high level, easy to see, 3D view provides top-down route directions

Dynamic Map Pop Ups

  • A magnifying glass can be added to any building or destination on the map.
  • When the magnifying glass is clicked a Pop-Up appears featuring a short description and image gallery of the final destination.
  • This feature is very useful for visitors looking to learn more about a destination.
  • Establishments can also use this to add product promotions, spotlight upcoming events, and list contact information of destination.
Dynamic Map Pop Ups
Interactive Points of Interest Map

Interactive Points of
Interest Map

  • Increase customer experience by making it easier for your patrons to search for, find information and receive real-time directions to local area attractions, businesses, restaurants, etc.
  • Each destination you choose to feature can consist of a short description, destination image, address and contact information.

Easy Updates

This all-in-one solution provides you with ultimate flexibility and control over every sign and its content. Quickly make on the fly updates to any
media or messaging zone remotely from any PC, Tablet or iPad, and SmartPhone.

Solution and Application examples Include:

Solution and Application examples Include

Digital Directions

  • Visually relieve the directional frustration of visitors, guests and employees throughout any property
  • Users can intuitively scroll through staff, departments, amenities, meeting rooms, and much more to find full location and contact information.
  • Add multi-touch capabilities to communicate precise and up to date destinations with the only true-wayfinding editing innovative, interactive solution.

Property wayfinding – Dynamic & Static

  • Simply integrate property maps for a more accurate and convenient reference point for your audience experience
  • Dynamically highlight to all visitors with animated directional arrows, icons, and listings throughout your building or campus.
  • Promote events, services (available spaces, transportation) and other activities with digitally rendered floor-plans and database directory.

2.5D/3D Mapping

  • Enhance any visitors experience with a realistic 3-Dimenstional multi-building, multi-floor representation.
  • Create a virtual environment that can dynamically integrate to full campus pathways and cross-buildings.
  • Innovative true-user-made 3D map design capabilities to allow any user to knock down walls, update floors and booths.

Mobile Wayfinder – HTML or IOS/Android App based

  • Embedded with Text, QR codes, or customer URL; send multi-destination, multi-building, multi-floor, one-way, and popular locations to any users’ mobile device.
  • Leverages same data created/managed for the wayfinding displays and kiosks with 1-click to publish from 22MILES’ CMS – Publisher Pro
  • Natively integrates with Google Map for Home-to-appointment wayfinding
  • Helps users find the closest parking lot
  • Choose transportation: driving, drop-off, public transportation, walk
  • Natively supports Cisco MSE for indoor positioning
  • Support for iBeacon in iOS and Android for indoor positioning
Mobile Wayfinder – HTML or IOS/Android App based

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