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Whether your meeting is planned or impromptu, a room booking & space utilization solution provides greater productivity and safety, ensuring there’s always a place to meet from any touchpoint.

Whether your meeting is planned or impromptu, a room booking & space utilization solution provides greater productivity and safety, ensuring there’s always a place to meet from any touchpoint.

Whether your meeting is planned or impromptu, a room booking & space utilization solution provides greater productivity and safety, ensuring there’s always a place to meet from any touchpoint.

Room Booking Software
Desk Booking Software

Room Booking System

Contactless Room Booking | Space Utilization Software

Whether your vision for an accurate conference room reservation solution includes the ability to book vacant rooms right at the door, or enhances the way your attendees find a scheduled meeting; Book22 Plus by 22MILES can handle it all. 22Miles all-in-one platform enables you to bring your meeting status right to the conference room door, highlight vacant rooms on a 3D wayfinding map, and even drive content to the mobile devices of your attendees.

Powered by 22Miles CMS Publisher Pro.AioT, Book 22Plus natively supports and syncs with Office 365, Condeco, Google Calendar, EMS, Crestron, and other read to write event management enabling software for an automated and efficient approach towards Room Booking.

Room Booking with Wayfinding

Combine Room Booking with interactive wayfinding, hoteling & hotdesking, and secure mobile control to ensure greater safety and efficiency in your agile workspace, office building, or any other facility type. 22Miles Room booking solution enables you to easily book and manage meeting rooms, offices, and spaces on your own mobile device, or on a tablet. Contactless room booking helps facilitate a safer return to work for employees and visitors.

Watch a live Room Booking demo by 22Miles EVP of Sales at 2019 DSE

A Room Booking Solution That Supports Your Agile Work Environment with Hot Desking & Hoteling

Empower Employees

Empower employees at any organization to preschedule their workplace.

Book Meetings

Meetings can be booked at multiple touchpoints — mobile apps, kiosks and with 3rd party integrations.

Dynamic Wayfinding

Don’t need to stick to “assigned sitting” be able to move around to any available space and visually understand your open office space.

Book22 Feature List



Book22 Plus

Book22 Premium

O365/G Suite/Google Calendar

Integrate your Room Booking with latest Microsoft and Google platform. Events booked from O365/Google can be easily sync’ed to the room tablets and vice versa.

Please note exchange or other systems are subject to additional cost to support.

iPad, BrightSign, Android, Crestron, and ChromeOS

Support wide range of devices and operating systems

Corporate Branding

Can easily update template with corporate branding for colors, fonts, logos, background and more

Quick Booking

1-click to book a meeting when room is available. Meeting incremental of 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes

Can be turned on/off in the room designer

Extend Meeting

Need more time on booking? Extend the meeting when room available.

Can be turned on/off in the room designer

End Meeting

Finished meeting early? End the meeting to free up work space.

Can be turned on/off in the room designer

Future Meetings/Today's Schedule

List future meetings of the room. Available in various format.

Can be turned on/off in the room designer

Choose from templates

Choose from template center for preferred features and layout.

Unlimited Rooms

Support unlimited number of rooms without restrictions.

Multi-user management

Support multiple users to log in for management and updates.

Custom Interface

Web designer available for advance users to tweak User Interface to even further customize it. Scripting allowed for feature enhancement.

Background Slideshow

Support slideshow images as background

Book Another Room

Book any room from any tablet

Can be turned on/off in the room designer

Check-in/Auto Expiration

Automatically cancel a meeting if nobody shows up? Make your rooms more efficient by leveraging this feature.

Can be turned on/off in the room designer

Can be used with ID Cards

Company Social Feeds

Show ticker or scrolling ads of company social feeds

News Ticker

Show ticker or scrolling news

LED Status Light Support

Blink LED bars on the tablet, if available. Selected hardware models supported.

MDM Deployment

Deploy ipa or apk files through enterprise MDM.

Sensory Integration

Integrate with camera or PIR sensors to automatically detect occupancy

Mobile Booking

Book rooms from mobile app

Desktop Booking

Book rooms from desktop software

Room Status on Map

3D or 2D floor maps showing live room availability

Book from Map

Book rooms right on the interactive floor map

Book or Check-in from Employee Badge

Touchless Touch check-in experience with RFID/NFC ID employee cards, such as HID ID Badges.

22Miles Room Booking

Real-time Interactive Wayfinding

Keep your employees informed with real-time active wayfinding integration. 22Miles Room Booking application allows you to not only reserve spaces on mobile devices, but also view up-to-date color-coordinated room statuses at any time, keeping work environments informed, productive and safe.

  • Highlight Room Availability on screen with real time, color-coded mapping
  • Show Event Lists and Wayfinding Directions
  • Book / Reserve Rooms
  • Show / Filter by capacity


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Room Booking Application

Create engaging and informative meeting room displays

  • Use Photography or Panoramas
  • Display Event Calendars
  • Book / Reserve Rooms
  • Welcome Messages & Recognition
  • Corporate Culture & Branding

See How Easy it is to Make Your Meeting Room Displays Look Beautiful

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Conference Room Reservation Boards

Install discrete touchscreen tablets outside your conference room that features the room reservation status, scheduled meetings, and available times to use the room.

  • Streaming list of daily and upcoming events or meetings
  • Reserve the meeting room directly from the tablet
  • Brightsign room booking tablets are supported with Enterprise Exchange or other event software.

Help your employees navigate to the right meeting room.

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Other Features of Our Room Booking Solution

Empower your employees with mobile room booking. Use any iOS or Android device to book a room, desk, or meeting space.

Create a custom dynamic mobile calendar that integrates with Office 365 or the Google G-Suite.

Hoteling and Hotdesking can easily be managed through an iOS or Android corporate app using Active Directory and even SSO integrations with proximity controls.

Beacon and WIFI integration can easily be incorporated into the experience with push notifications for people finders and meeting locators in real-time.

Incorporate our AR plug-in with image recognition to route your space in real-time and book your room through AR.