Revolutionize Wayfinding with ChatGPT

With the integration of ChatGPT for enhanced wayfinding functionality that leverages event data to offer a conversational interface capable of addressing inquiries related to event schedules, offering precise directions to booths and meeting spaces, furnishing comprehensive session details, and highlighting special events.

Unparalleled Compatibility

Our Wayfinding AI Assistant effortlessly integrates with any existing wayfinding map. Whether it’s an intricate indoor layout or a sprawling outdoor environment, our AI seamlessly adapts to your current wayfinding application. No need for complex programming or overhauls – our product is designed to seamlessly complement your existing wayfinding deployment.

Conversational Brilliance

Imagine having a friendly and knowledgeable assistant by your side, guiding you through massive schedules and complex spaces. Our Wayfinding AI Assistant is not just a search tool – it’s a conversational genius that understands your queries, preferences, and even provides helpful suggestions along the way. No more confusing schedules and directions or frustrating dead ends. It’s like having a useful assistant by your side.

Simplicity Meets Innovation

We have seamlessly integrated the finest elements from both realms – simplicity and innovation – to offer you an unparalleled wayfinding experience. Our solution dynamically adjusts to evolving content, ensuring that the information you receive remains consistently current and precise.

Choose Your Interaction

We understand that every user has unique preferences. This is precisely why we extend the freedom to select your language and map style. You have the ability to initiate a completely conversational experience in virtually any language. Effortlessly navigate through natural language interactions to find your way, guided by the 22Miles AI Assistant.