Mobile Apps & Augmented Reality

Mobile Apps come in all Shapes and Sizes

22Miles unique CMS provides HTML5 and IOS/Android Native mobile experiences for any vertical market and workplace collaborative solutions.

Benefits of our Mobile App

Carry2Mobile features deliver
A simple & intuitive
navigation Experience with a
simple QR scan.

Seamlessy display multi-
building, campus design with
indoors to outdoors travel

Live Positioning travels with
visitors and staff even when
changing floors. Supports Cisco
CMX, Ruckus, WIFI, BLE and AR.

Available for HTML5, iOS,
Android, and as an SDK to
integrate into other apps.

Flexible Mobile Capabilities for Any

Mobile App Options Include
All these Features

Weather (with custom icons)
Date / Time (with custom formats)
New tickers, RSS Tickers
Static Images
Dynamic Images (GIF)
Web pages
Media Zones (Rotating Banners & Slideshows)
Animations and Transitions
1080P Videos
Video Format: mpeg-4
Single Source Event Feed
Room & Hotdesking
Feedback / Survey
Staff Login in Retrieve More Content / Map
Donor & Alumni List
Flight Search & Flight Status
Multi Language
Social Media
Exchange / O365 & G Suite
XML, RSS, CSV Support
JSON Feeds
Free-style List Widget
Event List
Directory List
Room and Desk Reservation Filters
Timer and Countdown
Dynamic QR code
Multi-touch Gestures
Client-editable Google Maps
Directory Search
Event Search
Custom Interactive Website
NFC and RFID for Touchless Integrations

Mobile Wayfinding App Features

– List of rooms and hotspots
– Events, Popular locations, Promotions and Product locations integration
– Multiple destinations support
– Turn-by-turn information
– Visual route on map
– Integrate with QR code, email, text on touchscreen to easily direct visitors to mobile site, or App Store
– 360-degree Virtual Tour (Panorama)
2D Wayfinding & 3D Wayfinding
– Vector-based Map
– Offline Usage
3rd-party Integration
– Nearby POIs (food, bus, flight,…)

  • Shortest routes
  • Accessible, Employee or any special routes defined by route manager
  • One-way, temporarily disabled paths and preferred paths
  • Time scheduled paths/doors (operation hours)
  • Elevated floors (buildings built on hills), tunnels, bridges, and skywalks

  • Easily support thousands of destinations/hotspots/touchpoints
  • Multi-building, Multi-floor and Cross-campus
  • Indoor and outdoor

  • Turn-by-turn directions in levels of details
  • Estimated distance
  • Estimated travel time

  • Cisco CMX Integration
  • Ruckus Positioning
  • WiFI Positioning System
  • BLE/Bluetooth Positioning Systems
  • AR Plug-in with Landmark Image Recognition
  • Simple X/Y Source Integration

  • Multi-lingual support for map, popup and turn-by-turn information
  • No limit of languages

  • Reuse the same map developed for kiosk on mobile site
  • 1-click to publish map and routes update to mobile site